Evander Holyfield vs. Sherman Williams Ruled a No-Contest, Will Evander Retire?

Laz IzadaContributor IIIJanuary 23, 2011

Evander Holyfield Geogre Foreman Battle Of the Ages 1991
Evander Holyfield Geogre Foreman Battle Of the Ages 1991Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Tonight after writing two previous articles on this match-up, I decided to purchase the pay-per-view out of curiosity, as it was only $29.99.

In my two previous articles on this fight "Evander Holyfield at 48:Should He Still Be Fighting?" January 3rd, 2011 and "Evander Holyfield's 'Comeback Of The Century' PPV Show All Hype Or The Real Deal" posted January 16, 2011, I was a bit sarcastic, kidding about how the promoters Ark Promotions had hyped this fight up.

I ended up the articles posing the question if he should still be fighting at 48 years of age, and stating that, "I personally feel sad for boxers past their prime trying to make a living and promoters hyping their fights. How do you feel?"

If you saw tonight's fight, you witnessed that it is obvious that Evander should not be fighting at 48 years of age. He his age really showed and Sherman Williams rocked him several times.

When Holyfield took the stool in his corner after the third round preparing for the fourth round, he was heavily out of breath. I listened closely as his handlers in the corner asked him if he wanted to continue the fight.

It was my impression that they were asking him that question fearing for his health or permanent damage if he came out the fourth round. Holyfield replied that he wanted to continue the fight. That is what I heard. The fight doctor was also asking him if he wanted to continue.

Then all of suddenly the television commentator said that the fight was being stopped because Holyfield could not see out of his left eye. Then I thought to myself, "oh no he lost his vision in his left eye."

Then it was stated that he had a cut above his left eye due to an accidental headbutt in the second round that was not called. The small/medium cut above his eye was dripping blood into his eye preventing him from seeing according to Holyfield.

The fight was declared a no-contest as it did not go past four rounds while fans booed.

Holyfield was asked if he would give Williams a rematch and he said he would. Williams meanwhile mentioned that he would love to do it in his native Bahamas.

When I look back at what just happened tonight I feel and I'm glad the fight was stopped this way and that Evander was not permanently injured.

Like I mentioned earlier in one of my previous articles, the issue of boxers in their forties past their prime trying to make a living must be addressed.

How something needs to be done now, the Boxing Promoters Association, Oscar De La Hoya meeting with Senator John McCain, the boxing associations, boxing commissions, must agree on some kind of pension/retirement plan, savings/investing plan for boxers and a mandatory retirement age (say 40).

This must be addressed now, not after Holyfield, or God forbid, any other boxer in their forties gets seriously hurt.

I along with most boxing fans love Evander Holyfield and hope now that he would listen to someone he respects, whether a close friend, mentor, or relative, that would tell him to retire for his own safety.