NHL Funny Rumor: Philadelphia Flyers Are Looking to Acquire Evgeni Nabokov

Chris SchaeferContributor IJanuary 24, 2011

The Island or bust!
The Island or bust!Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Okay, this is more of a sick joke than a rumor at this point, but there is actually talk out there that the Flyers are interested in former San Jose Sharks choker—I mean, goalie Evgeni Nabokov.  

The same thing Nabokov said yesterday about actually reporting to the New York Islanders applies to him playing with the Philadelphia Flyers: "What's the point?"

The Flyers are sitting pretty on top of the NHL and aren't looking to ruin the chemistry of their current goaltending tandem of Sergei Bobrovsky and Brian Boucher.  

Boucher has taken "Bob" under his wing, much like John Vanbiesbrouck did for him his rookie year in his first go-around with Philly.  

Both Boucher and Bob are putting up amazing numbers and the Flyers don't seem to have a need for a third goalie considering how they handled last season's hero (or scapegoat), Michael Leighton, who is now getting hit with pucks in the AHL.  

But, as happy as the Flyers are with their dynamic duo, there have been rumors around other goalies headed to Philly like Jean Sebastien Giguere just weeks ago.

Nabokov has shown throughout his tenure with the Sharks that he doesn't have what it takes to show up in the playoffs.  

He also doesn't realize that he's not helping his reputation by hanging up on former Flyers goalie/current Islanders GM Garth Snow.  

Why won't Evgeni just report to duty with the Islanders, surprise the hell out of everyone and seek a new team next year? He doesn't have to worry about choking in the playoffs, since the Islanders will be on the golf course come playoff time.  

If the Flyers make a play for Nabokov, the entire hockey world will be in a state of shock. Not only would it be a horrible move for the future of the franchise, it could mess up what they currently have going for them.  

The rumor probably stems from the fact that Nabokov is a Russian and the move would give Bobrovsky someone to talk to in his native tongue next season.  

Chances are we're more likely to see Garth Snow suiting up as a Flyers goalie again before we see Nabokov.  


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