Skrtel, Miller, and Other Footballer Celebrity Look-Alikes

Michelle AlvesSenior Writer ISeptember 17, 2008

Martin Skrtel and Wentworth Miller... twins separated at birth? They look so alike they could stand in for each other. The first time I saw Martin Skrtel play my first thought was "Wow he looks just like Wentworth Miller of Prison Break," it was just a passing thought and I didn’t realise how similar they looked.

After Skrtel play a few more times, the resemblance seemed uncanny. Skrtel’s face seems a little thinner than Miller’s but I’m sure if Miller was out on the football field as much as Skrtel is, there wouldn’t be any difference at all.

I wonder if Skrtel ever looked in the mirror and went “Don’t I look just like that guy from prison break?” Or if he was ever mixed up with Wentworth Miller by some crazed fan! It’s understandable since there’s hardly much of a difference, other than the fact that they are totally different people!

Another footballer who looks like a celeb to me is Owen Hargreaves. Am I the only one here? Or is there someone else who see’s the similarity between him and Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom? Maybe it’s the hair...

Steven Gerrard and Bryan Adams also look a little bit alike. The resemblance isn’t as obvious as Skrtel and Miller, but it's still there.


Now, I’m not trying to mock Cristiano Ronaldo or get you to laugh at this, but he resembles the Russian sword catcher, Leonid the Magnificent, from America’s Got Talent. Minus the make-up and the pink wings, I’m sure Leonid would look like a splitting image of Cristiano. He even cried on television! If that is not Ronaldo-like, then I don’t know what is! Don’t believe me? Here take a look.

I’m absolutely sure I’m going to get hate mail after my friends read this, but it’s not like I care.