SEC Rumors: Time for Oklahoma and Texas A&M To Make Their Move To the SEC

J.D. PatrickCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2011

Sooners and Aggies heading East?!
Sooners and Aggies heading East?!

It’s official! Texas is now an independent.

Sure, the Longhorns will use whatever name the Big 12 comes up with to mask their independence, but everyone knows they're only in it for scheduling purposes.

They have singlehandedly destroyed what was once a great conference in the Big 8, along with a storied rivalry in Oklahoma v. Nebraska.

There are also whispers out there of Oklahoma starting up its own Sooner Network sometime during 2011 as well. Bad idea. Just because Texas does something doesn’t mean that Oklahoma should do it too.

To put it bluntly, those in charge of the program need to grow a spine and realize that Oklahoma doesn’t need Texas.

What needs to happen is for Oklahoma and Texas A&M to take their invitations to the SEC and run with them. If Oklahoma and A&M were to make that move, it would put quite a kink in Texas’ plans with their new network. Anyone want to guess who would miss who the most if Oklahoma moved to the SEC and discontinued its rivalry with Texas?

Before someone accuses me of blasphemy for mentioning the end of a Oklahoma v. Texas rivalry, I counter with it couldn’t be any worse than having to give up the game with Nebraska. Only now Oklahoma would be able to replace Texas with the likes of Alabama, LSU, Arkansas, Georgia, etc....sounds like a fair trade.

Another thing on the Oklahoma v. Texas issue is that most don’t even realize that it has been Oklahoma that has legitimized Texas, not the other way around. Sure, Texas has the fat checkbook, and it can continue to write the checks, but it’s Oklahoma bringing home all the hardware. For a conference that has Texas supposedly sitting at the top, they sure have been dominated on the field.

Oklahoma didn't need Texas before the Big 12, and needs them even less now.

Both A&M and Oklahoma’s recruiting would also get a boost. How many of those great Texas kids would choose to play for Texas in a pathetic conference instead playing for Oklahoma or A&M in the SEC? My money says this move would negate Texas’ upcoming recruiting edge with their new network.

OK, so Oklahoma and A&M move to the SEC. It’s obviously a much tougher place to win championships. The days of Oklahoma dominating its conference would be over. However while it would be more difficult for Oklahoma to win more championships, it’d be equally as hard for Alabama, Florida or LSU to win one too.

Bottom line is Oklahoma isn’t going to win a championship every year anyway, so why not treat their fans and the rest of the fans of college football to blockbuster matchups every single weekend?

The knock on A&M has been that it can't win the Big 12; why would they want to go to the SEC? Fact is, Texas A&M is only a great coach away from being dominant. They could get the recruits. Who would argue that if Bob Stoops, Nick Saban or Jim Tressel were in College Station, A&M would be all up in Texas and Oklahoma's grill for conference titles and more?

Oklahoma and A&M would still get paid. Common sense says that the value of the SEC would go up even more than it already has (very hard to imagine). There would be no need to watch any other game than a SEC game. Not only would Oklahoma and Texas A&M be winners in this, the SEC would be winners as well. Each team would definitely generate at least as much revenue as it would in the new Big 12.

There are many arguments for Oklahoma and A&M to stay where they are, and every one of them can be countered by something better from making a move. The brand of football that is about to be played in the new Big 12 will be dull and eventually irrelevant. Sure, Oklahoma can continue to rack up its championships, and A&M can still tag along behind both Oklahoma and Texas, but why? Why when there’s so much better out there?

As a season ticket holder, program booster, and Sooner since birth, count me in!


Boomer Sooner baby!