WWE: Huge News Regarding Wrestlemania, the Hall of Fame and the Divas Division

Luke AdamsonCorrespondent IIJanuary 27, 2011

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Today I bring you the latest news and rumours surrounding Wrestlemania 27 coming to you this April, and potential 2012 Hall Of Fame inductees. In addition to that, I have news of another talent competition coming back to WWE.


WWE Contacts 'Dog' The Bounty Hunter about a Wrestlemania Appearance:

Yes, believe it or not, WWE has contacted representatives of Duane Chapman (from 'Dog' The Bounty Hunter) in regards a possible appearance at Wrestlemania 27. It is said that both sides were apart on the finances involved, so nothing is a lock as of yet.

My Take: I really hope 'Dog' does not come within 50 miles of Wrestlemania. I cannot stand the guy and cannot see what possible value he would add to the event. Maybe its because I'm British, but there is no appeal there for me.


The Planned Wrestlemania Main Event:

According to a source who spoke directly with Vince McMahon last week, Wade Barrett Vs. Undertaker is currently planned as the main event for Wrestlemania this year.

It is now considered a lock that Undertaker will work Wrestlemania since he was announced for the AXXESS event the day before the PPV.

My Take: Not good but not bad, either. WWE could have booked something a lot better than this, but then again they could also have booked something a lot worse.

It will give Wade Barrett the chance to shine on the grandest stage of them all, while enabling The Undertaker to keep his streak without fuss.

This also goes to show the sheer drive of The Undertaker to recuperate so quickly after a major injury. He really is a team player, as he has always proven to be.

The only issue is that it isn't what you could call a big match, so PPV buys may suffer as a result.


WWE Officials Happy With Ticket Sales for Wrestlemania 27 and Hall Of Fame 2011

WWE officials are pleased thus far with ticket sales for Wrestlemania 27 and tickets for the Hall Of Fame ceremony have been selling very well with only balcony seats remaining.


Rumours Surrounding Inductees into the 2012 WWE Hall Of Fame:

The Rock and Trish Stratus are names being discussed for the 2012 Hall Of Fame induction class. Wrestlemania itself is likely to take place in Toronto, Canada, the hometown of Trish Stratus. Also, 2012 will mark a decade after The Rock's encounter with Hulk Hogan on Canadian soil in Toronto.

My Take: I would be delighted to see both of them inducted into the Hall Of Fame next year. Two reasons: Firstly, both candidates certainly deserve the acclaim. Secondly, it would be great to see The Rock involved with Wrestlemania in some capacity. Maybe also one more match from Trish?


WWE Bringing Back The Diva Search Competition  

WWE held a web conference yesterday, attempting to attract promotional partners, during which it was disclosed that the Diva Search competition will be returning to WWE television.

Julie Stenz, WWE's Director of Partner Marketing, said a 10-week competition would be held during the WWE's "regularly scheduled" programming and that sponsorship opportunities would be available.

Organization officials have auditioned prospective female talent in recent months, some of whom are expected to participate in the Diva Search.

A start date has not yet been announced.

My Take: Not sure what to think of this. With the return of Tough Enough and perhaps even the continuation of NXT, the addition of the Diva Search could be like overkill.

However, if WWE ditch NXT, then it could work. My main issue is that Tough Enough will also have Women competing for a WWE contract.

The sensible thing to do therefore is to introduce the Diva Search a couple of months after the conclusion of Tough Enough to avoid possible overlap.

All thoughts and comments welcome!