The Chiefs History Sucks

Chad HoganCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2008

My picture explains it all. Fire Herm and Carl, its that easy Clark. Im done with spending any money on the Chiefs until they are good and a contender. Boycotting them is the only way to get our point across. I don't wan to boycott them but its come to the point where we have to.

No one on the Chiefs should say they suck, LJ should be encouraging the rookies and not say the Chiefs suck and want off the team. Don't tell me to stop jumping on the baby bandwagon because its true he is a HUGE baby, even coach Dick thinks he is. Listen to what he said after the game, he said that he doesn't think he'll be with the Chiefs and that no one should run the ball but him, that came out of his mouth. I say trade him even if its for a 3rd round pick and let another team deal with him. Anyways its not like the Chiefs don't have good RB's. Look at this stat. Larry Johnson has 34 carrys for 96 yards for a averge of 2.8 yards a carry. Jamaal Charles has only 8 carrys for 35 yards for a averge of 4.4 yards a carry. Charles has touched the ball way less and stats wise he is trying harder then LJ. Charles might not be a every down back like LJ but thats why we have Smith, Battle, or maybe even Savage, think of it like a Bush/McAllister thing.


Heres some news for you Chiefs fans: next season if the Chiefs don't go to a super bowl(and its highly unlikely they will) it will be 40 years since they've gone, and within that 40 years(if my memory serves me right) they've gone to 2 AFC Championship games with Montana and Bono as QB's. The Chiefs are 31 mil under the salary cap and they could have gone out and got vets like Faneca or Anderson to help our piece of crap o-line. I know we want to build through the draft but when we only go out and get 1 linemen in the draft to start and the rest are old why not go out spend some money and bring in good vets for a year or 2 for the line to help Croyle and give him a confidence boost. I bet if they had Faneca and Anderson then Croyle wouldn't be hurt.


The problem is the line is terrible once again(not as bad as last years but still bad) and we don't have a QB because of the line.


Herm and Carl could have gone out and got Sims or Ratliff to back up Croyle when he's out but no. They went to the Titans PRACTICE SQUAD to get a no name QB that shouldn't be playing in the NFL just like Tyler. The Chiefs have not had a QB they have drafted and was good since Len Dawson back in the 60s and 70s. They keep bringing in QBs that are at the end of their rope, a back up, or just wasn't good like Joe Montana(old), Trent Green(wasn't good until he got behind that monster Chiefs line), Warren Moon(old), Steve DeBerg(back up), Steve Bono(back up) Damon Huard(old backup) Elvis Gerback(back up), Dave Kreig(old), Rich Gannon(released), and Ron Gawarski(old) I count 10 and i might have missed some. I want to see a 1st round star QB not a 3rd round pick in Cryole that we don't help out by not going out and getting a good o-line.


I'm one of the biggest Chiefs fans you will ever meet. My room is covered in Chiefs stuff like signed jerseys/ helmets, flags, pinups, posters, jerseys/shirts/I even boxers(haha), etc.... I've seen the Chiefs win and lose at Arrowhead mostly from the lower level and love going there but i'm sick of the crap they give to the BEST FANS IN THE NFL!!! I spent $300 for 3 tickets including shipping(they were $84 each), not to mention the gas to get from Wichita to KC, to only sit 34 rows back from the end zone. The year before that I spent $74(Chiefs vs Packers) on a ticket that was 12 rows behind the end zone. The year after that I spent $79 on a ticket that was on the edge of the end zone. In the front row(Chiefs vs Seahawks)!!! Why do they raise the price on us when they are bad? Its all about money for them and i'm sick of it. If we don't do something about it then we will see old or back up QB's for the rest of our lives and a loss in the AFC Champion chip games every 20 or so years. I don't know about you but I want to see super bowl wins and house hold names. My god the Raiders have 3 super bowl wins and have gone 5 times, Broncos have gone 6 and won 2, and and we have been to 2 and won 1. Im sick of Donkey fans and Faider fans talking crap and me not having anything to say back. I'm still going to watch them because I love them so much even though it will hurt but I will not spend a cent on them until they prove to us fans they can get us somewhere and can bring in star house hold names like Tony G or Will Shields.


Thanks for reading!