Thomas's Top 20 College Football Jerseys

ThomasSenior Writer ISeptember 18, 2008

20. Maryland Terrapins


Yes, I am a biased writer. That's the point of B/R, ain't it? (Note to editors: Please don't edit that sentence. Thanks.) College Park is 30 minutes from my front door. And while they may not be the best team in the NCAA, they definitely have one of the better uniforms. I chose their black away jersey as my favorite because it just looks better than the red one.


19. Arizona Wildcats

I'm sorry, but ever since that stupid movie High School Musical came out, whenever I hear the word "wildcats" I just get sick to the stomach. However, Arizona knows how to pick jerseys, and their home jersey is a favorite. Looks a lot like the Houston Texans, but hey, Arizona was around before Houston.


18. Louisville Cardinals

The Cardinals are regulars in bowl games, and they're a pretty decent team. I am biased, so I will say what I think. I love red, and I love Adidas. Don't know why, but I do. Louisville hits all the right spots for me. The white away jersey is awesome looking. This team gives a good name to Cardinals, unlike the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL.


17. Navy Midshipmen

If the nickname for the Navy is midshipmen, why do they have a goat as a mascot and not a midshipman? That's something that I've wondered. Anyways, the Navy has always had a decent team and great uniforms to match. Like Maryland, the Naval Academy is only 30 or 40 minutes from my house. The Navy blue and beige—or is that a brown-type color?—has always been fascinating to me.


16. Texas A&M Aggies

During my travels across America, I have become inadvertently involved in numerous school rivalries. One of the fondest was the Texas-A&M rivalry. I declared myself neutral, but that didn't appease my hosts. So I took the side of the Longhorns. Anyways, A&M has always had good eyes for jerseys, and this one is perfect.


15. Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Black has always been one of my favorite colors. Why, I have no idea. No, I'm not gothic. No, I'm not nocturnal either (although some of my friends and family may argue that). Black is just awesome. It's nice to see that Wake Forest can use black to make jerseys look good.


14. Army Black Knights

The Black Knights. What a great name. The Black Knights. No offense, but the Pittsburgh Steelers jersey is a bit too yellow. This one screams to you: "Fear the Black Knight!" Although most of the time, that's not the case. Still, it's a great jersey. The Navy-Army games are some of the best games in college football.


13. Auburn Tigers

Make way for the Tigers people. This team has been great for a while. Having a great jersey is a bonus too. Not too flashy but not too dull. Perfect.


12. Alabama Crimson Tide

The word "crimson" means red. Crimson is a different kind of red though. It's a deep red. It's Alabama red. Simple yet strong.


11. BYU Cougars

Given a choice between Utah and BYU, I'd think I would go for BYU. Why, I don't know—it just sounds better than Utah. Uniforms look better too. Dark blue with white, not original but nice.


10. Michigan State Spartans

All hail Sparta! I never pictured Spartans as liking green. Is it just me or what? Anyways, very few teams can make green look good. Michigan State has done a perfect job by just leaving it alone, with only a little bit of white.


9. Oklahoma Sooners

It's not very often that you can change a name that was meant to be derogatory into a name people love. Yet Oklahomans did that. The Sooners are dominant in football, and it's great to see that their uniform is simple yet bold. Yes, I'm repeating myself because I'm having a brain block right now.


8. Missouri Tigers

The Tigers of Missouri capture the essence of a tiger a lot better than Auburn (that's my opinion—I can see the Auburn faithful knocking at my door). It's a good thing that they chose black instead of yellow. If they had yellow instead of black, they'd just look like a bee—and that's not fun.


7. Texas Longhorns

They say that Texas is the best college football team in the world. Well, at least that's what Texas fans say. I don't know about that, but they are just about the only team that can make orange look good. Sure, Tennessee is OK, but Texas pulled it off. When I think "orange" in college ball, I think Texas.


6. Michigan Wolverines

The Wolverines have one of the best uniforms ever. Blue, white, and gold. Great team, great jerseys, great fans. I chose the away jersey though, because the blue one is too plain for me. I sound crazy, don't I?


5. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Ever since I saw Rudy, I've seen Notre Dame in a different, better light. However, now that Brady Quinn is gone, I could care less again. However, their uniforms are always sharp. Well, except for the green one. Nothing is more classic than navy and gold.


4. USC Trojans

USC, land of stars. Well, that's what I've heard. You must admit though, with uniforms like this, anyone would be jealous.


3. Ohio State Buckeyes

Forgive me for being a dunce, but what is a buckeye? Is it a wheat? Anyways, great jersey. I love the red and white. I'm tired, so that's all I'm gonna say.


2. Georgia Bulldogs (or is it Dawgs)

I have always had to deal with Dawg fans, whether it was at my home, at my school, or even here. You Dawgs are everywhere. I must hand it to you, I thought your home jerseys were good looking, but when you brought out your alternate uniforms, I was speechless. Great job.


1. Penn State Nittany Lions

All right, maybe I lied. Maybe this is a ranked list. I'm not sure yet. But if it were, Penn State would get my top spot. A great football team with the best uniform around. Kudos Penn State. Classic, sleek, bold. I love it.


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