Three Engines Stolen from Roush Yates

Nikki HechtCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2008

Someone broke into the Roush Yates engine shop Monday night and stole three of their Ford Engines that were used in the Nationwide and Craftsman truck series. The engines are valued at about $50,000 apiece.

Police say that the thieves somehow cut a hole in the wall and were able to get in and out of the doors.  The engines weight about 500 pounds apiece and are on flats with wheels. The thieves wheeled them out into a stolen Penske cargo van. The police later found the abandoned van, but the engines weren't inside. 

Mooresville Police Lt. Joseph Cooke said, "These are not everyday engines. These are NASCAR specific engines. You can't put them in a car, plus they are Roush Yates engines, Very specific."

So you aren't going to be able to put them into the Focus or Taurus that is in your driveway.  Since they are NASCAR engines, they aren't going to be easy to unload unless they happen to dump them in the lap of someone in the racing business and even then, it might be difficult to dump them off. 

Anyone with knowledge of the missing engines is encouraged to call the Mooresville Police at 704-664-3311 or South Iredell Crime Stoppers at 704-658-9056.

Okay, my crimesolving friends here at Bleacher...opinions on who took the engines?  What do you think someone could do with three $50,000 engines? It's going to be interesting to hear thoughts and theories on this.