The 10 Best Fan Bases In Sports

C KSenior Analyst ISeptember 18, 2008

When you think of fans, what do you think of?

Do you think of Boston, Philadelphia, New York, all the notable good sports cities? Or do you think about Arizona, Atlanta, all the notable bad sports cities?

Well I'm here to tell you the the ten cities that I think have the best fans in all of sports.

The only requirement is pure love for their teams. Let's get started. (Keep in mind that the first few may surprise you, because once you really look into these cities, most of them aren't too great.)

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10. Buffalo

This was a tough pick. They only have two sports teams, but they do have damn good ones in those sports. The Sabres fans are one of the best fans in hockey, and same goes with Bills fans. Both teams' fans always show up and support their team. They can make the case for the most loyal fans in sports, just give them a few more teams.

9. Minnesota

Is Minnesota a notable sports city? Not really. But they stand out to me. They have possibly the best fans in hockey, and have loyal fans in football. Their baseball fans may not be the most loyal, but they usually have a good crowd. Their basketball team is their least favorite team, but who can blame them? It's basketball!

8. Dallas

Their football fans are usually described as band wagoners, but you have to admit, they are pretty impressive band wagoners. They scream their head off and are always on their feet cheering the 'Boys on (when they are winning...).

When you move on to basketball and hockey in Dallas, it becomes even more impressive. Stars fans are also loud and intimidating, and are considered as top ten fans in the NHL. And the Mavericks sell out almost every game and have possibly the loudest stadium in all of basketball.

7. California

I just had to include this whole state. Up and down, this state has loyal fans everywhere. In Oakland, they go nuts over their football team. In San Francisco (when the Giants are winning...), the fans are always there to support their Giants.

In Los Angeles, they are starving for an NFL franchise, and Dodgers fans aren't too bad. And if you add in Anaheim and San Jose with hockey fans, you get a great sports state.

6. Cleveland

Think about this: Cleveland has not seen a championship since 1964. Yet they still have one of the highest attendances in the NBA, have one of the best fans in the NFL, and always fill the seats when the Indians are winning. Enough said.

5. Detroit

I love Detroit as a sports city. Of course, Detroit is most notably known for its hockey fans, but their basketball and baseball fans are just as good. They have the highest attendance average in the NBA, and it has been like that for quite some time. Also, the Tigers always fill the seats, and the fans are always enthusiastic.

4. New York (the city)

What? New York isn't no. 1? How could you?!

New York is only paid attention to as much as it is because it's New York. They have seven teams in one city, and a few of them don't even have notable fans. Knicks fans have been put through hell, but they aren't top notch. Islanders fans are...just bad.

Then you have the Mets, Rangers, Giants, and Jets. All of those teams have good fans, but they aren't top ten in their sport in my opinion. If any of those four teams is in the top ten, it would be Rangers fans. That's it.

And yes, we all know that Yankee fans are possibly the best fans in sports, so I don't need to go there.

3. Boston

I don't believe the hype that says that Boston is a fair weather fan city. Sure, the Celtics didn't sell out night in and night out over the past few years, but last year was a big sign of how loyal they can be. From opening night to the championship, they were there. And all through the glory years, they were there.

In hockey, their fans aren't too great. But they will be there to support when they are supposed to.

But what sticks out to me the most is football and baseball. Of course we know Red Sox fans are terrific fans, and top three fans in baseball, but what about Patriots fans? Many think they are bandwagon fans. I think not. I say that much of that speculation is jealousy of their recent Super Bowls, and an excuse to say something negative to the team.

So Boston might be a little bit of a fair weather city, but you cannot deny the loyalty to their Red Sox, and their loyalty to the rest of their teams when they are needed.

2. Philadelphia

The Philly native didn't pick Philly as no. 1? Twat?

Yes, it's true. We aren't the best fans in sports. Why? Basketball. We cannot stand basketball. We hate it. We can't even sell out a playoff game! Nobody cares! We might have top five fans in football, top three fans in hockey, and top five seven fans in baseball, but we hate basketball so much, that we cannot be number one.

1. Chicago

Go to a Cubs game, and you will know why. They are the friendliest, yet most passionate people you will ever meet. I think of Cubs fans as the best fans in baseball, and you probably will too if you go to a game there.

Then there is basketball and the Bulls, who have the second highest attendance average in the league, and have been there every night for the past ten years. And finally, in football, the Bears have been known to have very loyal and loud fans.