Jeff Jarrett Returns, And Mick Foleys Legacy Continues...

David CookContributor ISeptember 18, 2008

This Week On TNA Impact, It Was Said That Jeff Jarret Would Be Returning To Address Sting, And His Problems With The Younger Wrestlers Lack Of respect For The Veterans.  There Have Also Been Rumors Of Mick Foley Moving To TNA.  With His Recently Expired WWE Contract, And The Fact That He Wasnt Happy With His Role As Commentator On Smackdown, What Better Time To Change Companies. 

Tonight, Jeff Jarret Was Welcomed Back By All The Fans, And Before He Could Even Call Sting Out, The Fans Were Chanting "Thank You Jeff... Thank You Jeff..." After The Crowd Settled, and Jeff Began To Speak, He Called Sting Out To The Ring.  Jeff Reminded Sting That His (Jeffs) Father Was The One To Give Him His Break Into  The Wrestling Business.  A Fact Which Jeff Stated "My Father Was Proud Of."  He Went On To Talk Of How when WCW Shut Down, The Younger Superstars Were upset That The Older Guys Didnt Want To Pass The Torch To The New Guys, And How They Didn't Want To Lose Their "Fat Paychecks."  And He Also Said That Sting Was Doing The Same Thing.  It Wasnt About Respect, It Was About The New Guys (Namely A.J. Styles And Samoa Joe) Taking Stings Spot. 

"There Have Been Times In The Last Two Years When These Two guys Have Single-Handedly Carried This Company"  Jeff Stated Referring To Styles And Joe.  After A Few More Minutes Of This, Kurt Angle Comes Out And Tells Jeff Jarrett, Who Is The Founder Of TNA, To Get The Hell Out Of His Ring, And Dont Come bAck.  Jarrett Responds By Saying That He Came To The Arena As The Founder Of TNA, Not A Wrestler.  He Then Gets In Kurts Face And Points To A Nearby Video Screen.  Eventually, A Yellow Smiley FAce With Barbed WIre Running Through It Appears, Then , MICK FOLEY!  The Crowd Goes Crazy As Mick Adresses Kurt.  "Hey Kurt, Remember Me?  I Belive What Jeff Was Trying To Say Was 'It's Real, It's Damn Real'  BANG BANG"  As The Shoe Goes Off The Air You Can HEar The Crowd Chanting "FOLEY, FOLEY, FOLEY" 

Now With Mick Foley On The Roster, Whats Next For TNA.