Booker T and Diesel Return to WWE: Do You Think That's Good or Bad?

The Jonathan CooneyyCorrespondent IJanuary 31, 2011

For those of you who did not order The Royal Rumble or have not been updated on some major WWE news, then I will give you a quick recap of how Booker T and Diesel returned to the WWE.

Both of their stays in the Rumble were pretty short, and that is naturally to be expected seeing as they have not been on main stream television in quite some time.

I was shocked when I saw Nash. He looked so good: I always loved the whole "Diesel" angle, and I was shocked that the young WWE audience felt the same way.

Kevin Nash also looked far better with black hair and the Diesel gimmick than he ever did in TNA, and that is not bashing TNA or Nash.

This is me being honest. Kevin Nash is currently 51 years of age, an old age to participate in any sport, and I am delighted to see him looking so fresh. Nash going to the WWE may have added a few years to his career.

His character also has more depth than it has in some time because the question every one is wondering is whether there is going to be a connection with Shawn Michaels of some sort.

Well, if there was, I would definitely be over the moon. I am hoping that Kevin Nash and Triple H are the ones to induct Shawn into the Hall of Fame. I would be gutted if it was someone like Steve Austin or Bret Hart.

They have a career connection, but not on a personal level like Kevin Nash, Triple H or Shawn.

I am also wondering how Triple H is going to respond to Diesel's return, because the last time Nash was in the WWE, the pair feuded on RAW for the Heavyweight championship.

It appears that Big Show and Diesel may be set to get in a feud. They are not the best wrestlers, but they are two great entertainers.

Speaking of entertainers, it is about time we got to Booker T. Booker T, or King Bookah, is one of the most experienced and skilled stars to join the WWE in quite a long time.

There are so many possibilities for Booker T and WWE's new breed of superstars, such as Sheamus, Wade Barrett, CM Punk, Jack Swagger, The Miz, Drew McIntyre, Alberto Del Rio and many more.

Booker T and Sheamus colliding at WrestleMania over Sheamus becoming King of the Ring would be one very interesting route for Sheamus' road to WrestleMania.

And do we really want to see Sheamus vs. Triple H for the second consecutive year? I think that Booker and Sheamus would attract more buys.

But then again, there are a host of stars Booker could battle, and John Morrison definitely pops to mind because of his rare arsenal of intense moves and skills.

I am very interested and hopeful that WWE has made a great decision by re-signing the duo.

The point of this article was to share my opinion on the duo coming to the WWE, and also getting your opinion. If you are reading this, would you please leave your view in the comment section?

Thanks for reading,

Jonny Cooney