Why Ed Sabol Deserves To Be Enshrined In The Pro-Football Hall Of Fame

T.AAnalyst IFebruary 1, 2011

Ed Sabol—One of the most influential figures in NFL history
Ed Sabol—One of the most influential figures in NFL historyPeter Kramer/Getty Images

Football is a magnificent game. A scenic and picturesque movement of the human body in paradox to the essence of the species: All the while portraying its most remarkable capabilities. The grandeur of the game is portrayed better known other than NFL Films.

For almost half a century this organization has compiled omnibuses and opuses of the games most memorial, seminal, and esoteric moments and figures. A concocted motif challenged by none other in sports and perhaps by none other in history of the motion picture.

NFL Films has provided fans of the great game of football a conduit for the history of the game they so love. A medium of inquiry to the chambers of NFL lore.

Ed Sabol provided me and millions of other fans an outlet to learn about the game’s history as well as it's present. I would not be the fervent fan I am today without Ed Sabol and the NFL would not be as it is today without Ed Sabol—And that’s why I think he deserves to be enshrined in the Pro-Football Hall of Fame.