WWE 2-21-11: Is It Sting's WWE Debut or The Undertaker's Return?

The Jaden SmallingsContributor IFebruary 2, 2011

Hey guys, so a lot has been written and said in the IWC about the promo that was aired Monday night on Raw.

In this promo, it showed a mysterious superstar wearing boots and a long trench black coat walking towards an abandoned house and at the end of the promo it showed the date of February 21st, 2011. The episode of Raw right after Elimination Chamber.

Many feel that it's the debut of the iconic Sting, while others feel that it's the date The Undertaker returns from his injury.

Now, if Sting was still in TNA, it would be no mystery to WWE Fans that it's clearly The Undertaker seeing that he was the only one with that attire but now that Sting is a free agent, it could be either one of these men.

WWE really nailed it with this promo, but I'm about 90 percent sure that it's the WWE Debut of Sting.


First of all, from the promo, you could see that the mysterious person is wearing pointed boots, something that The Undertaker never wears.

Second of all, If you look closely at the end of the promo the smoke clearly spells out S-T-I-N-G.

Thirdly, NY Daily reporter, King Jordan, said that Sting has signed a one year deal with WWE.

Last but not least, The Undertaker is still recovering from his injury and is still rehabbing and could possibly not even make it to Wrestlemania.

I know for sure that this man that's going to debut is Sting because WWE is trying too hard to make it seem like it is The Undertaker.

Think about it, the intimidating background music, the attire, and even the old abandoned house from The Undertaker's past all make it seem like it's The Undertaker but it really isn't.

The intimidating background music was used for Sting back in the WCW days, his attire has always been similar to The Undertaker's, and the old abandoned house is just, in a sense, Sting entering his new home, the WWE.

What do you guys think, is it return of The Undertaker or is it the WWE Debut of Sting?

Until next time, peace.