WVU: A Mountaineer Mourning

Jared LillyCorrespondent ISeptember 19, 2008

No, 'mourning' is not spelled incorrectly. The time has come for the Mountaineers and their fans everywhere. The most dreadful time in college football, a time when the NFL is the most important football on TV, "rebuilding season".

Most believed that WVU had a little while before this would come, at least one more season. After all, their head coach won his first game in a bowl game, they have a potential superstar in Noel Devine, and two-time All Big East quarterback, Pat White, entering his senior year, that has BCS championship all over it, doesn't it?

Apparently not.

Though they looked good on paper, after a 1-2 start, its seems the scabs from losing allot of players from last year are starting to bleed.

West Virginia's defense has always had somewhat of a struggle, but after losing 10 starters from last year they are showing a definite lack of experience.

Pat White's lineman are not the brickwall they were last year. Pat White is an amazing quarterback, but without good protection, he can only do so much on his own.

Though the cost of replacing helmets may have gone down with Owen Schmitt leaving, the price is being paid in offensive production. Noel Devine, sophomore in his first year starting, does not have the semi-truck in front of him to clear the path like the oh-so-missed Steve Slaton did.

That is just a few of the painful losses on the Mountaineer football team.

Of course, it goes without mentioning, the loss of Rich Fraud-, I'm sorry, Rodriguez, definitely has effected this season. I still have allot of faith in Bill Stewart, but Rodriguez has not left him much to work with. This is not a coaching struggle, it's simply a time every college football team goes through at some point.

However, some coaching stupidity did raise question when Bill Stewart failed to use his second timeout until three seconds were left in a 14-14 tie against Colorado Thursday night. Rocket-legged Macafee somehow missed a chip shot in overtime and Colorado when on to kick a field goal from the 8 yard line in a 17-14 WVU loss.

So, to my fellow Mountaineers, it seems college football has hit a slump for us, though we should never stop supporting WVU, it seems like most of our cheers should turn to the NFL for the time being, let's go Cowboys!!