WWE's Top 5 Worst Mistakes: Turning Successful Monster Heels Into Babyfaces

The Jaden SmallingsContributor IFebruary 2, 2011

Hey everyone, I'm going to write five articles on what I feel were the worst creative moves made by the WWE in the past four or five years. This is my first article, I hope you enjoy.

Ever since 2008 or so, WWE made a very bad decision.

They turned monster heels like The Great Khali, Mark Henry, The Big Show and Vladimir Kozlov into babyfaces.

Now I wouldn't mind if it was one, maybe even two of these men who turned face, but turning 75 percent of the super heavyweight division into babyfaces is not the best idea.

Plus, if you think about it, these superstars were at their best when they were heels.

Look at The Great Khali, when he debuted back in 2006, he was a brutal monster completely dominating the WWE, he beat the likes of The Undertaker, Batista and Kane and even won the WHC Championship on one occasion.

Ever since he turned face, he's been demoted to the lower-mid card, used for entertainment and horrible comedy routines playing off a stupid "Punjabi Playboy" gimmick.

Vladimir Kozlov could also relate to The Great Khali.

He made his debut to WWE as an immortal powerhouse from Russia, he was undefeated for a long period of time and even got a clean win over The Undertaker once.

Ever since Kozlov turned face, he accomplished a bit by winning the Unified WWE Tag Team Titles with his goofy tag team partner Santino Marella.

But could you imagine how far Kozlov would've gone as a heel singles competitor?

Since both of their face turns, neither Mark Henry or The Big Show benefited from it. In fact, for Henry things got even worse because at least as a heel he had a credible feud against The Undertaker.

When The Big Show turned face, it first seemed like a good move, but then as time went by The Giant was once again in the higher mid-card division of SmackDown

To make things worst, the only monster heels left in WWE are Kane, Ezeikel Jackson and Sheamus. But Kane isn't even a monster anymore, he's more of a laughing stock.