Bad Romance: The Situation With Edge, Drew McIntyre, and Kelly Kelly

AmsterdamCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2011

The writers of Friday Night SmackDown must have made a New Year's resolution: make the blue brand interesting to watch again.

For most of 2010, SmackDown was a show that we had to force ourselves to watch for two hours. Filled with lackluster storylines and feuds that never seemed to end, SmackDown truly lived up to it's "B-show" nickname.

The main-event was particularly awful. Chris Jericho became World Heavyweight Champion, and spent a month getting speared by a returning Edge.

Jack Swagger became World Heavyweight Champion, and spent three months losing to everyone...and everything.

He finally dropped the strap to Rey Mysterio, who would spend a month hobbling around backstage with an injured leg.

And then Kane took the Holy Grail, and finished off the rest of the year as champion. Nothing personal against "The Big Red Monster," but Kane's reign shouldn't have lasted five months.

He spent the first three in a never-ending feud with a half-healed Undertaker, and spent his final two months crying as he watched Edge roll Paul Bearer around in a wheelchair and torture him with pizza.

But then 2011 came, and things have started off with a bang. After becoming a 10-time world champion at TLC, Edge arrived into the new year as the World Heavyweight Champion.

Teddy Long was mysteriously attacked backstage, and his official consultant Vickie Guerrero has been thrown back into full power as the acting General Manager.  

Looking for a fresh start, Wade Barrett came to the blue brand and started his own splinter group, now known as The Corre. And finally, new superstars like Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre have been given a chance to shine.

And speaking of Drew McIntyre, it seems like the former Intercontinental and WWE Tag Team Champion has had a change of heart in recent weeks.

It appears as though he's fallen for Kelly Kelly, and is trying every way in the world to prove to her that he's not "The Sinister Scotsman" that everyone claims he is.

So far, Kelly Kelly remains unconvinced, and has gone to the aid of his opponents on more than one occasion.

Drew McIntyre, at least for the moment, is now more concerned on winning the World Heavyweight Championship in the Elimination Chamber: a spot he qualified for this past Friday night.

It seems like Kelly Kelly has taken her attention off McIntyre as well, and shifted her sights on Vickie Guerrero. At the 2011 Royal Rumble, Edge had to defend his title against Dolph Ziggler.

The stipulation? He couldn't use his finisher, the Spear, against Ziggler, or he would automatically lose the title. Things seemed doomed for the Rated R Superstar until Kelly Kelly appeared on the scene and attacked Guerrero.

One thing led to another, and Edge managed to spear Ziggler without getting caught,, hit his best friend Christian's Killswitch finisher, and retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

A good question to ask is why did Kelly Kelly help Edge in the first place? According to the Diva herself, she attacked Vickie because the SmackDown official was invading her personal life.

As The Miz would say, really? There's also a chance she did it to draw the attention of Drew McIntyre, as seen in a backstage segment with Edge.

Whatever the reason, after helping Edge retain his title against Dolph Ziggler again this past week, Kelly Kelly was kayfabe-fired by Vickie Guerrero.

Now this is where it gets interesting. How are things going to play out next week on SmackDown? The drama between Drew McIntyre / Kelly Kelly has now crossed over into the Edge / Dolph Ziggler storyline.

You'd have to believe that with his love interest fired from the show, McIntyre will somehow get involved in the current main-event.

Perhaps he'll return to being a full heel and blame The Ultimate Opportunist for costing Kelly Kelly her job. Maybe he'll make a complete face turn and cost Dolph Ziggler his title shot next week on SmackDown. We don't know for sure.

What we do know is that two weeks from now, both Edge and Drew McIntyre will face each other at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Whoever walks out of the Chamber will face the 2011 Royal Rumble winner, Alberto Del Rio, on the grandest stage of them all.

Is it possible that Edge isn't walking into WrestleMania XXVII as the World Heavyweight Champion? Is the addition of Kelly Kelly into the title picture a way throw everyone off at Elimination Chamber?

Is WWE about to do something unpredictable and make the World Heavyweight Championship match at this year's WrestleMania a clash between two newcomers?

So many questions that won't be answered until after the Chamber.

Obviously, Edge is the favorite to win at Eliminatiion Chamber. He is, after all, both a veteran main-eventer and a babyface going up against a heel. But keep your eyes open. Raw's main-event for WrestleMania seems set in stone.

No offense to Jerry Lawler, but at this point we all know John Cena is going to face The Miz for the WWE Championship. SmackDown, on the other hand, may have just gotten a lot more unpredictable.

And that's how it should be.