NFL Predictions Week 3: Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood

James StarkCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2008

It's now time for my personal predictions for week 3 of the NFL season. Over the first 2 weeks I've put out my fairly accurate predictions, or maybe just lucky guesses.

However, my confident week 1 predictions were pathetic posting a 7-8 record. I followed the next week taking a lot of risks, thinking I was going to do worse. But I ended up with an 11-4 record.

Does predicting NFL games take a lot of skill? Or just luck? That's something I haven't figured out yet.

Now that the first 2 weeks are out of the way, week 3 should be easier for me to choose the winners and the losers.

Could Aaron Rodgers pull out an upset? Will Carolina remain undefeated and Vikings defeated? Who will win the battle of the Pennsylvanians? That's for me to know, and you to find out. 


Atlanta 28   Kansas City 17     Impact Player- Roddy White

This game doesn't exactly top my list of games to watch. However, the Falcons' offense is actually somewhat exciting. The Falcons' O has young and exciting talent in Matt Ryan, Micheal Turner, and Roddy White.

Kansas City is a different story. The Chiefs haven't really had a potent offense since they stupidly traded Trent Green, and whatever happened to L.J. being a top tier back? It's hard for me to pick K.C. winning any games at all this season. I expect White to run right past the Chiefs weak secondary.


Buffalo 17   Oakland 10     Impact Player- Marshawn Lynch

Many people are surprised with the great start of the Bills. Not me.

The Bills have a great defense, along with consistent quarterback play out of Trent Edwards. Lynch hasn't really played up to expectations yet, but every game I've put him as the Impact Player. One of these games he's going to break out with a huge game, and I won't stop counting on him. But give Trent Edwards a lot of credit, he has been playing well enough to win games, which is good enough for me. 

It's going to take a solid run game to beat the Raiders. It must be my idiocy talking to me again because I really don't think the Raiders are as bad as most think.

I do understand Al Davis is destroying the team, but the Raiders are another team with a lot young explosive fire power. Even though I don't see them coming through this game.


Chicago 23   Tampa Bay 21     Impact Player- Matt Forte

As a Packer fan, Chicago somewhat wets my britches, in better words. We all know that Da' Bears can play defense, but they're offensively sound.

We also know from a couple years ago a great defense can bring you to a Super Bowl, even with Turnoversaurus Rex as QB. The Bears' run game is back, but they still lack the passing game.

If Tampa can stop the run and force the Bears to throw, this game goes to the Bucs. I'm still not sure why Jeff Garcia is sitting on the bench. Tampa loses because Gruden can't make up his mind, and Chicago fans will gloat at school tomorrow.


Carolina 24   Minnesota 20     Impact Player- Steve Smith

It's not that I think the Vikings are really that bad, but they're going to play their 3rd  tough opponent to start the season. I do see a slight improvement from the passing game with Jackson sitting on the bench. However, Ferrotte will look rusty to begin, and Peterson will see 8 men in the box.

Now that Steve Smith has returned from his team suspension, look for Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith eating up the Vikings' pass defense. It's hard to believe Carolina starting out (3-0) and Minnesota (0-3).

The season is far from over for you Viking fans, so the playoffs aren't out of the picture, yet. But Minnesota will lose another close one, while the Panthers make so more magical mojo.


New England 21   Miami 14     Impact Player- Randy Moss

Here is one of those games that really tempts me to pick against the Patriots, but I just can't. I just have one of those gut feelings that Miami can pull it off, or maybe it's the bean burrito I ate last night.

But you can't just pick against the Patriots, especially to Miami out of all teams. So I do have some common sense, picking the Patriots in too much of a close one.

Miami makes this game interesting, however Cassel learns to heave the ball up to Moss occasionally and scores enough to win. Last seasons' arguably best team barely beats the worst.


Giants 35   Cincianatti 10     Impact Player- Plaxico Burress

From being one of the more feared offenses to a depleted offense, the Bengals have looked mediocre at best. Carson Palmer has lost his touch, they have no running game, and the Bengals' defense is awful. So basically Cincy doesn't have much of anything, except thugs.

It's time for people to start believing in the Giants. The Cowboys nor the Packers are the best team. Eli Manning has come to together, the G-Men have a run game, and the best defense. So basically the Giants have everything, except thugs.


Houston 24   Tennessee 21     Impact Player- Andre Johnson

Is Houston going to play with the energy and the enthusiasm needed to beat the Titans? Or will they look dull and clueless with their minds at home?

This is one of those games that are hard to predict. The Texans had last weekend off and has only played one game, where they played terribly. However, look for a strong game from Schaub as long as Andre Johnson is playing.

I really don't think Kerry Collins will be the Titans' x-factor, but he won't make the costly mistakes Young often made. Good defense, great run game, but not enough in this game.


Washington 34   Cardinals 24     Impact Player- Clinton Portis

I'm not sold on the Arizona Cardinals yet, considering they've played Miami and San Fransisco. The Cards possess a potent passing game and expect more of it to continue, as long as Fitzgerald and Boldin are split out at receiver.

I was pleasantly surprised the way the 'Skins played against the Saints last week. I would pick Santana Moss as my impact player, but I tend to choose wide receivers as my impact player often. Other than that, Clinton Portis should have a good game with a couple of scores.


Denver 45   Saints 34     Impact Player- Jay Cutler

Denver should be thanking the football gods after last weeks exciting game. The Broncos fans should be thanking the management for such a threatening offense. 80 total points the Broncos have put up, against defenses not half-bad at all. The Saints defense is just plain bad. Big numbers are guaranteed from Cutler.

Right now the Saints are a disappointing (0-2), with the defense they have it's going to be hard to win games. However, they are strong on the offensive side of the ball. To win this game, the football gods (or a certain ref), will have to throw the game away. Expect another Bronco shootout.


Detroit 28   San Fransisco 24     Impact Player- Calvin Johnson

Jon Kitna and the Detroit Lions were closer than you'd think when they lost to the Packers. However, Kitna threw the game away completely. Without his costly mistakes Kitna made the Packers secondary look silly. Kitna has the targets, and the man named Calvin Johnson to make a bigger impact in this game.

Detroit could possibly have the worst defense in the league, even more worse than the Saints and Bengals. If J.T. can get in a rhythm and the Lions lose, Matt Millen is going to wish he would draft somebody other than a receiver.


St. Louis 14   Seattle 13     Impact Player- Steven Jackson

There's no doubt in my mind, this will be the last game I'd want to watch. I think Mike Holmgren wishes he would have retired. Rams will get into the redzone for the first time this season, and give it to Jackson twice for touchdowns.


Cleveland 24   Baltimore 7     Impact Player- Kellen Winslow

I refuse to give up on Cleveland, and I still think they have a legitimate chance at the playoffs if they turn things around. Baltimore doesn't have much fire power on offense to win a lot of games. I expect things to open up for the Dogs, and possibly regain some confidence going into this season.

Baltimore didn't really need the week off and could put Flacco a step behind the rest. I see a turnover frenzy on both sides of the ball, with Cleveland taking the opportunity.


Indianapolis 21   Jacksonville 14    Impact Player- Anthony Gonzales

Peyton Manning has looked less than impressive over the last two games. Good thing he has a dynamic receiving corps to pick him back up. I'm not sure if it's Manning's knee that's affecting his play or maybe his medication makes him loopy, who knows. Peyton's best medication is Wayne, Harrison, and Gonzales.

If Indy can't stop the run this time around they're going to have a hard time against Jones-Drew and Taylor. If Jacksonville is forced to beat them passing, game goes to the Colts.


Pittsburgh 17   Philadelphia 14     Impact Player- Santonio Holmes

This is my game of the week.

Here's a game that could potentially be a Super Bowl match up. I'd have to hand the game to the Steelers in this one, despite it being in Eagle territory. Both teams show they have a great all-around offense. However, the Steelers defense is a little more fierce.

Look for a hard fought, exciting battle, and a right down to the end type of game. Santonio Holmes should have a great game, only because I made deal for him on my fantasy football team. If only players would perform better just because they're on my team. Seriously, this is a game you shouldn't miss.


Green Bay 31   Dallas 27     Impact Player- Ryan Grant

C'mon people I'm not going to pick Dallas in this game. You could call me biased but when my favorite team is playing my least favorite team, I have no choice but to pick the Pack. However, the only way Green Bay can win this game is if they can establish the run game. The Packers have yet to establish a run game this season. This is why Ryan Grant is the impact player. If he plays well the Packers win, and the other way around.

Overall, Dallas is a better team. But when you have a night game in Wisconsin, it's hard to win. This time around the Packers are more healthy, and you probably saw how well Rodgers played against the 'Boys last season. Another great battle, and possibly the start of a new rivalry.


Chargers 28   Jets 14     Impact Player- Antonio Gates

San Diego is one of those teams that really should be 2-0. In week one the Bolts lost in the closing seconds of the game, and in week two the football gods (or a certain ref) screwed them over. I see the Chargers winning this game with ease.

To some Brett Favre is a god, so he could screw San Diego over. The Chargers' defense hasn't really looked all that impressive so far this season, so with Favre on your team anything can happen.


Last Week (11-4)

Season (18-12)













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