So Long It's Been Good To Know Ya: Kyle Busch Finishes Last at Dover

Matthew MerrillContributor ISeptember 21, 2008

It's the scenario people have been praying for. Kyle Busch finishes last at Dover, dropping him to last in the Chase. People taunt him, boo him, and even through anything they can get their hands on at him. Is it over.. is Kyle down and out of the Chase for the Sprint Cup?

When interviewed after his engine blew up he was asked about his chances to rebound. He said, "At this point it doesn't matter..." He goes on to compare this to two years ago when he finished up last in the Chase. This is not the same Kyle Busch we saw going into this Chase...

Two years ago his finishes are

Seventh at Kansas

11th at Dega

Sixth at Lowes Motor Speedway

18th at Martinsville

27th at Atlanta

Fourth at Texas

38th at Arizona

and a 38th at Homestead.

But its time to get out of the past and look at the present—this guy has seven more wins this year than he had in 2006, six more top fives, and two more top 10s...and he has much more horsepower than two years ago. He may be down 210 points but we really don't need to start celebrating yet because there is still a fine gap between these two years.

I believe he will rebound at Kansas Motor speedway despite Carl Edwards' and Greg Biffle's dominance these first two races...this year once again the winner won't be decided until the last race.