MLB News: Michael Young Wants Out of Texas

John KrenekContributor IFebruary 7, 2011

Michael Young says he wants to walk away from the Rangers. Will he get his wish?
Michael Young says he wants to walk away from the Rangers. Will he get his wish?Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Lately, the Dallas-Fort Worth area has been a hotbed for controversy. Whether its the arctic weather, Jerry Jones' inability to know how many seats to have for his Super Bowl guests or Christina Aguilera botching the national anthem, hostility and malice are sure to be found.

To add fuel to an already raging fire, Texas Ranger captain Michael Young now wants to be traded.

On Jan. 5, 2011 the Texas Rangers signed free-agent third baseman Adrian Beltre to assume the duties of full-time third baseman, thus pushing Young into a full-time designated hitter role.

At the time, Young commented on the signing by saying this about Beltre, "We have had conversations, and every conversation was left open-ended," Young said. "But at this point, I would be willing to get my at-bats if we make a move that makes the team better."

Just like the recent north Texas weather, Young's sentiments have changed drastically, rapidly and exceedingly cold.

While he hasn't spewed the venom that has become synonymous with high-profile athletes, Young has definitely grown irritated and has made it known to the Rangers.  And while the career Ranger may want out, perhaps he has failed to consider who would let him in.

The contract extension Young signed with the Rangers in 2007 is valued at $16 million per season. To put that in perspective, Young is being paid the same amount as Beltre, his newly acquired replacement at the hot corner.

So, the question has to be asked: Who would accept a trade for an aging, range-less infielder? Sure, Young still has a viable arm for any infield position, and he has shown an ability to adapt to new positions—the Rangers have asked Young to move positions three times—but who would be willing to pay top-tier money for a player who has become Mark DeRosa 2.0?

The Rockies have been trying to iron out a deal with Texas, but the two sides can't come to terms on the financial side of the deal.

Young doesn't exactly seem like a NL type player and has gone on record as saying that he wants to play for a winner. In my opinion, the only teams willing to put Young in the field on an everyday basis would be a struggling or middle-of-the-road franchise. So, Young seems like an ideal utility/DH type, exactly the player the Rangers—a contender—are asking him to be.

This argument seems one-sided, and perhaps it is. Young has been a model player for his entire career by always doing what's best for the team. So he has a right to determine his own baseball future, the Rangers owe him that much.

However, if Young wants to have a prominent role on a prominent team, maybe he should do "what's best for the team" one last time.

Who knows? There might be more than a gold watch for him when its time to hang the spikes up.