WWE: Some Random Thoughts, Part 2

Peter SchaeferContributor IIFebruary 9, 2011

For all of you who liked my first part, here is part two:

Many fans say Jerry Lawler in the WWE championship match at Elimination Chamber is a slap in the face to them. I beg to differ. In all likelihood this is Lawler's last year in the ring. He has won 163 championships, way more then anyone else and was most likely the man to put pro wrestling in the limelight (remember his feud with Andy Kaufman). The two things Lawler has never done, held the WWE championship and gone to Wrestlemania, and we all know Vince McMahon is sentimental. What better way to honor Lawler, well done Vince.

WWE clearly thinks the Miz is a joke as champion. Why else would they never have him win cleanly but always lose fair-and-square?

I can't wait for Triple H to take over the creative team, he will come out with a lot of gems. And he will be motivated by the Katie Vick story to never stoop that low.

Is Mason Ryan the long lost brother of Sean William Scott?

Micheal Cole is officially the worst announcer ever. He is just so in love with his BFF, it's sicking. He is the worst heel ever too. I want JR back!

Enough with the Anonymous Raw GM, apparently the only one who doesn't realise the gimmick's losing heat is Vince. And the way Cole delivers a when he gets a message is so annoying.

Why is Eve Torres champion again? She was held off TV for God knows how long, and all of a sudden she gets put into the four-way and bam, champion. The truth is she can't wrestle and she can't act. Good job WWE, and enjoy having a wet blanket as champion.

The Nexus feels like it is going in a circle. The leader introduces new members, they single-out one wrestler, attack him, then he vows to take every member of the Nexus out. First it was John Cena, now it's Randy Orton.

Who next? Doink the Clown? Or maybe the Mountie if he ever gets out of jail.