The Rock Returns To The WWE: The Great One To Host Wrestlemania?

Michael HeaverContributor IFebruary 12, 2011

Can Atlanta Smell It?
Can Atlanta Smell It?

It could really happen.

The Rock's long anticipated return to the WWE has been queried again and again by those who have quizzed Dwayne Johnson. Recently he confirmed that yes, he would return to the WWE, and sooner than many had anticipated.

No, not as a an in-ring superstar, but as Vince McMahon's sprinkling of a megastar quality on this year's Wrestlemania in Miami, as The Rock will apparently be hosting Wrestlemania.

It makes sense. This year's Mania could do with something special. The speculation over Sting in my mind is going to prove to be unfortunately nothing but whispers and unfulfilled hype. 

What's more, a lot of the attention over the past year has been about creating new stars as the WWE emerges from a period of transition. Alberto Del Rio winning the Royal Rumble was the biggest example of this, but as the New Nexus, The Corre and other new stars find their feet, Vince McMahon knows that Wrestlemania has to be the special event it has always been.

If that can't be achieved by retirement matches, dramatic returns, or surprises in the ring at this year's Mania, then Vince McMahon looks to deliver it with The Rock taking Atlanta by storm, possibly for one night only.

It would be a shrewd move that would give the WWE and Wrestlemania some good media coverage and of course deliver something a bit different for the fans.

A bit of nostalgia, ass whoopin' and I'm sure a token Rock Bottom on some candy ass jabroni is the kind of megastar dust that McMahon would be wise to sprinkle on the world's biggest sports entertainment spectacle...