The Real Reason Georgia Is Wearing Black

Evan WileyCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2008

First copy and check out either of these links and watch the video.  Turn up your speakers.  Make sure no kids are within earshot.  Look for it around 1:04.  (Bama figured out this was bad PR.  While the vid is still up it's now edited)

You can still click here and enjoy the original in all it's vulgar glory! 

There you have it.  The Bulldog Nation is wearing black because they're going to a mother #$##$ funeral.  So sayeth the coach trying to do his best Yucko the Clown impersonation.

It won't be because it's going to be a night game.

It won't be because the weather is cool.

It won't be because the seniors requested it on the flight back from Arizona.

It won't be because ESPN College GameDay is going to be in town.

It won't be because it will be an SEC conference game.

It won't be because it will be between two top 10 ranked teams.

The motivation for the Georgia Bulldogs had simply been missing apparently.  If you looked at those six factors there couldn't possibly be a reason to already be pumped up for this game, Black Out or not.

The only mistake/possibly prophetic irony that the coach made was that he didn't specify who's funeral it was going to be. 

In the words of Zero Wolf: "Go die like a man."