Top 10 Uniforms in the NFL

Zane DanielsCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2008

After flipping between the Bengals and Bills game on Sunday I was inspired to write this article on my top 10 current NFL uniforms.

10. Houston Texans

I am sure many people would disagree with this pick due to the lack of tradition of the Houston Texans, but I really like the Texans uniforms. They are simple and have a great color scheme (Red, White and Blue.) Also, for a newer franchise the logo really isn't that bad.

9. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts uniforms are classic. They aren't spectacular by any means, but they hold a lot of tradition and I can't imagine them ever being any different! I prefer the white uniforms to the blue but both are pretty solid.

8. New York Giants

I am probably in the minority when I say this, but I actually prefer the NEW Giants uniforms over the old ones. I absolutely LOVE both the white and the Blue uniforms they currently use.

I like the new "NY" logo on their helmet and there is just something about the new color of blue they use that I think looks really good! (Except when they are beating the Bengals up and down the field!!)

7. Chicago Bears

Just classic. There is nothing else that can be said about these. If the Bears uniforms aren't in your top 10 then you should be banished from NFL fandom! With the tribute to George S. Halas still sported on the sleeve (GSH), these unis are GREAT! Please stop wearing the orange though!

6. New York Jets

I don't know what it is about the Jets uniforms that I like, maybe it is just how terrible the old ones were

(2 examples: and .)

Anyway, the new Jet uniforms are one of the best in franchise history and one of the best in the NFL. I am partial to the white but the green isn't bad either!

5. Dallas Cowboys

Simplicity is the key to a good uniform in my opinion. Solid color scheme, nothing too fancy and a logo that can be recognized world wide.

The Dallas Cowboys have all that covered not only with their current uniforms, but every uniform in franchise history. The Dallas Cowboys star is easily one of, if not THE, most recognizable logos in all of sports.

I actually prefer the white helmets with the blue star opposed to the silver helmets with the blue star....and I love the throwback uniforms too.

4. Oakland Raiders

Easily one of the most intimidating uniforms in the NFL. The black hole is a fitting nickname for the fan base and the Raiders black uniforms are fitting for an organization that welcomes such model citizens (much like the orange stripes for the Bengals...hahaha, haven't heard that one before.)

The Raiders uniforms have not changed and I hope they never will....all time classic uni's!

3. Pittsburgh Steelers

Although I absolutely despise the Steelers, there is no doubt that they sport some of the best uniforms in the NFL. The only helmet in the NFL that has a logo on only one side and the black and yellow color scheme has a long tradition, especially when it comes to beating the hell out of my beloved Bengals!

Regardless if they wear the white or black, they are classic! The Red, Blue and Yellow in the Steelers logo is just enough to stand out withing the yellow and black. They just look good! Very fitting for the old industrial city of Pittsburgh, PA.

2. Cleveland Browns

You either love the Browns uniforms or you hate them. I love them.

The combination of Orange and Brown is not appealing to many people, but like many of the other uniforms in my list. They are as classic as they come!

I absolutely LOVE Cleveland's white uniforms and made it very difficult to put them at number two. Hell, I even like the brown pants they wore in the 2008 Monday Night opener.

1. Buffalo Bills (Alternate)

My favorite uniform in the NFL is easily the Buffalo Bills alternate uniform they wear with the white helmet and the solid blue jersey.

In my opinion, the Bills should adopt these as their full time uniforms. This team is certainly on the rise and could very well make the playoffs this year, what better time to redefine your image?

I will admit that I think the other Bill uniforms are TERRIBLE and I absolutely HATE the logo on their regular helmets, but their alternate uniforms are AMAZING! I realize the alternate unis are the old school Bills uniforms, but they stand the test of time and they look very modern and fresh.

That is saying something considering their mascot is a BUFFALO! How can anyone make a Buffalo look cool? Somehow they do!