Cam Newton: An Auburn Football Tradition Like No Other, but Is He Worth It?

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2011

Says it all.
Says it all.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

On the blogs, I read a lot of Auburn posters who rebut anti-Cam remarks or the bias of the so-called conspiracy theorists in the media. Tiger fans have been deflecting bullets from every direction since early Nov. 2010. All on the account of one Cam Newton courtesy of Cecil Newton. 

Cam de Jour was, and still is in some regards, the best college athletics story out there.

Why should the Auburn faithful defend him? Why should they not?

I don't care what any reporter wrote about Newton for sensationalism (it worked). I don't care whether some Auburn booster(s) did or did not pay Cecil Newton. Who cares? I really don't care that reasonable logic dictates we think that Cam knew about the MSU pay-for-play plan. 

What I do care about is how the Auburn fans rally around Cam Newton as if he were an Auburn man.

He was not. He was a Gator man.

In 2006 he was recruited by Auburn, among other schools, but chose Florida over all of them. And rather quickly I might add. He committed to the Gators some five months before signing day.

He is not some player that Auburn cultivated and coached up like Bo Jackson, Ronnie Brown or Carlos Dansby; all who are Auburn men by first choice. Cam was an athlete who possessed the talents before snap one in Jordan Hare Stadium during spring practice in 2009. A gunslinger for hire so to speak. 

Even Nick Fairley is an Auburn man for it was his first choice. Though he detoured to junior college, Nick came back to the Tigers and not some other school. What or who wouldn't allow Cam to go back to UF after Blinn? Or, why would be a better question.

Papa Newton surely picked Auburn over MSU because he wanted Cam to be a part of the tradition, coaches and wonderful engineering and veterinarian schools Auburn offers. No?

Cecil said he picked Auburn for Cam because of their offensive line. An offensive line, that could protect the asset, and one Cecil knew was only going to be intact at Auburn for one year, just like his son.

From the rumblings, I heard Cam didn't even enroll for the 2011 spring semester. He knew he was one and done. This is a kid who was part of three different championship schools. Impressive. Will he even go back and visit one of those schools?

From the sound of his declaration to the NFL speech, I doubt it.

Don't get me wrong. I know why the fans care and have to protect Cam. It just seems a bit odd to me that they act as if Cam wanted Auburn more than they wanted him. 

There is an odor about the Newtons and to outsiders it smells like burned boiled eggs, but to Auburn fans it smells like a crystal ball.

That is just my opinion.