Top 10 Worst Gimmicks in WCW History

Andrew PargoffCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2008

This article is a little overdue, since the WCW was bought out and shut down a mere eight years ago. But after watching some hilarious YouTube clips last night, I figured it had to be done. In no particular order, the 10 worst gimmicks in WCW history.

11. Chris Jericho: Since it's a top 10 list, I've leave Jericho on the outside, but his interviews and mic time were always a riot, but then again, you shouldn't expect anything less from "The Man of 1,004 Holds."

10. Stevie Ray: The more 'roided up brother of Booker T. They were a long lasting tag team, wrestling under the names Harlem Heat, The Ebony Experience, The Ghetto Blasters, and The Huffman Brothers. Stevie Ray got hurt and was out of action for roughly half a year, and came back after his rehab only to turn on the new WCW Television Champion, his brother Booker T.

Stevie Ray later lost to female wrestler Midnight, in a match to determine whether or not she would stay in Harlem Heat. Stevie Ray lost, and turned on Booker T and Midnight.

9. Lance Storm: This little Canuck was actually the first triple-champion in WCW history. He held the United States Heavyweight Title, the World Cruiserweight Title, and the Hardcore Championship. Being a silly little Canadian, he renamed all three titles the Canadian Heavyweight Championship, 100 KG and Under Championship, and the Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title (S.H.I.T.).

Then Storm lost all three titles around the same time, and went back to work at his local hometown Canadian Tire/Tim Horton's combo store.

8. Disco Inferno: An illustrious career for sure. The Disco Inferno won the World Television Title, the World Cruiserweight Title, and was a WCW World Tag Team Champion as a member of the "Boogie Knights" team. Disco Inferno is known for his bell-bottoms, outdated dancing, and feuds with terrible wrestlers like Jacquelyn and Perry Saturn.

7. Buff Bagwell: I still remember Buff Bagwell because I always thought he was former Houston Astros great Jeff Bagwell's younger brother. He always came out with Scott Steiner, maybe he just liked checking out Big Poppa Pump's ass, I don't know, but either way, he was a hack. He did beat "Rowdy" Roddy Piper in a three-round boxing match though.

6. Bam Bam Bigelow: After feuding with Goldberg, Bigelow spent time joining up with Diamond Dallas Page and Chris "THE BADDEST GAY DUDE EVER" Kanyon. These three were known as "The Jersey Triad." After the Triad disbanded, he feuded with Mike Awesome, and lost in an "Ambulance Match" at Starrcade 2000. The highlight of his career was his small role in Ready to Rumble starring David Arquette.

5. Raven: This Seattle garage band look he rocked was adapted by all that joined "The Flock," Raven's stable of wrestlers which included Saturn, Kidman, Kanyon, and other guys that no one really cares about. He won the US Heavyweight Title and the TV Title once each. He always ended his mic time with "Quote the Raven never more." Enough said.

4. Horace: A member of "The Flock," and nephew of Hulk Hogan. Horace came out one night on Monday Night Nitro and Hulk Hogan revealed to all that Horace was his nephew. Then he offered Horace membership in nWo [New World Order] and before Horace could respond, Hulk turned on him, whipping his ass with a steel chair and dragging him off a stretcher and beating him some more. Horace continually had Hulk's back, interfering with The Ultimate Warrior on Hulk's behalf.

3. Ernest "The Cat" Miller: Miller was discovered while teaching karate to Eric Bischoff's son. He took Bischoff up on his offer when he asked Miller if he wanted to wrestle. He claimed he could beat any opponent within two minutes; with his registered weapons [his hands and feet]. His finishing move was a springboard kick called "The Feliner." Sonny Onoo was his manager for the majority of his WCW career.

2. Scott Hall: I don't even know if it was his gimmick, but he always stumbled around and slurred his speech. It seemed almost painful to watch, but then again, knowing Scott Hall, he was probably just drunk.

1. David Arquette: After making the aforementioned Ready to Rumble, he was written into storylines in 2000. He first confronted Eric Bischoff, and he teamed up with DDP and Chris Kanyon. He beat Eric Bischoff with the help of those two, and later in a match where Bischoff teamed with Jeff Jarrett and Arquette teamed with Page, Arquette beat Bischoff.

The stipulations stated whoever got the pin, won the WCW World Heavyweight Title. This is also about the time hell froze over. He lost the belt at Slamboree 2000, where he turned on DDP and helped Jarrett take over as champ. His last appearance on the show consisted of him explaining his "friendship" with DDP and DDP running out and giving him the "Diamond Cutter." A fitting end to an awful championship run.

And I'm spent. Shout out to Tony Schiavone.