Triple H Has Been Named The Most Over-Rated Wrestler Of All-Time (Top 25 List)

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2011

Triple H
Triple HEthan Miller/Getty Images

Triple H is one of the biggest names in professional wrestling, not just in the past fifteen years, but of all time.

The 13-time World Champion has headlined Wrestlemania, won a Royal Rumble match, been a key member of one of the legendary stables in the business with D-Generation X, and been a main-stay in and around the main event scene since his arrival in the WWE/WWF in the 90s.

HHH goes by many names and monikers and is a household name to even the casual wrestling fan.

However, a recent article on, has ranked ‘The Game’ as the most over-rated wrestler of all time.

This list includes many surprises (to me anyway) and here it is.

25. Diesel 
24. Arn Anderson 
23. Alberto Del Rio 
22. Jerry Lynn 
21. Shelton Benjamin 
20. Verne Gagne 
19. Jeff Jarrett 
18. Sabu 
17. Finlay 
16. Christopher Daniels 
15. Mr. Anderson 
14. William Regal 
13. Indy Geeks (Mike Quackenbush pictured) 
12. Randy Orton 
11. Gorgeous George 
10. Scott Hall 
9. Dean Malenko 
8. Owen Hart 
7. Christian 
6. Curt Hennig 
5. Miss Elizabeth 
4. Jerry "The King" Lawler 
3. Giant Baba 
2. Hulk Hogan 
1. Triple H

I am by no means saying that this website is an authoritative figure on WWE or pro wrestling for that matter, but it does show that there is some hatred towards the future WWE Hall of Fame inductee.

Triple H does come in for some stick from the IWC and wrestling fans alike who believe he slid he way to the top by marrying into the McMahon family amongst other things, like being friends with HBK Shawn Michaels.  He is also criticised for never putting younger talent ‘over’, just so he can enhance his legacy.

The article that went with the list even contained the quote; “If Triple H was as great as people say he is, the past 13 years of constant pushes shouldn’t have just turned him into another Rock or Stone Cold, it should have gotten him elected King of the Universe”.

Personally, I am a fan of Triple H and feel that he is a genuine main eventer who has provided not just me, but many fans, around the world with great matches and memories and labelling him as the most over-rated wrestler of all-time is ridiculous.

When I first started watching wrestling he was a heel and did a great job, and over time he evolved and became an all-rounder that the WWE could rely on.

I am definitely not saying he is amongst the true greats, but he is a major part of wrestling history and rightfully so.

In his new role as advisor to Vince McMahon, he is getting positive reviews and looks set to be in the WWE for a long time to come.

However, there is one thing that I can’t defend, and that is his movie that is coming out soon, which looks terrible.  The trailers on Raw last night did not make me want to watch the movie and has already been given bad reviews.  Ugo ripped into the movie by leaving “And The Chaperone looks atrocious” as their final line—a fair point.

The main reason for this article wasn’t just to highlight the fact that in some places in the IWC, the dislike for Triple H is great, but the fact that John Cena is not even on the list and that no matter what…the IWC can never agree on anything.