The Rocks Return: All Negative Thoughts Gone In a Moment, Other Issues Raised

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2011

The Rock returned last night on Raw
The Rock returned last night on Raw

Last night, WWE Monday Night Raw saw the return of The Rock, which did more than electrify wrestling fans, but the entire world, as news spread of his comeback to where he originally made his name.

Wrestling fans from years past tuned in to see their childhood hero lay the smackdown in Anaheim in front of a wild audience while millions (and millions) watched from home.

I live in England and had to stay up until 4:00AM waiting for arrival of the "Brahma Bull," along with two friends who hadn't watched any wrestling since The Rock left over seven years ago. 

But, once his music hit, all three of us leapt out of our seats as he walked down that aisle like only he can.

All the anger and frustration aimed at The Rock since his departure, along with his subsequent disassociation with the world of wrestling, just disappeared in an instant.

On top of that, the buildup for his return and arrival made wrestling feel alive and vibrant again after it had gradually become stale over the past few years.

However, several other issues were raised with The Rock finally returning to WWE.

He cut one of the best promos in years. In it, he did his usual catchphrases but also ripped into The Miz and, more importantly, John Cena.

The Rock made Cena lovers turn on their false prophet and did only what he can do by creating a huge "Cena Sucks" chant.

He also said he would see them both at Wrestlemania. So the potential scenarios could be:

  1. Cena wins the Raw Elimination Chamber match
  2. The Miz defeats Jerry "The King" Lawler to retain his WWE Championship, thus leading to...
  3. Miz vs. Cena main event at WM27 in Atlanta

As a huge and loyal fan of The Rock, could it be possible that "The Great One" will cost "Superman" the championship, which could cause Cena to turn heel and lead us to a new era of wrestling in the WWE?

I really do hope so, as it would make the WWE relevant again.

This could also lead to the end of the "PG" rating, because The Rock’s promo from last night was anything but PG. It also may have been the most exciting thing to happen on Raw in recent memory (and probably the highest viewed segment). 

Hopefully, it makes WWE officials move it back to TV-14, thus drawing in large numbers.

An issue with this, however, is the fact that the WWE would need a new face for the company. Obviously and unfortunately, Cena is going to be around for a long time, but he can't go from "Superman" of PG to a TV-14 badass straight away.

I would rather not speculate who the new face would be, as I have no idea if this would even happen, but one can always dream.