Jimmer Fredette: Is The BYU Star Being Slowed By The Officials?

Chris GolightlyCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2011

Jimmermania is causing people to lose their minds.

There is no other explanation.

The effects of Jimmer Fredette’s offensive wizardry have elevated him to a level of such adulation among admirers as to render them incapable of objective reasoning.

To some, Fredette simply can do no wrong. When he shows glimpses of a weakness, it’s not because he’s mortal, it’s because someone else is cheating.

It’s like he’s not allowed to be anything close to pedestrian, unless outside influences are conspiring against him.

I was meandering about the sports sector of the cybersphere this morning, and I stumbled across these few nuggets relaying that Fredette was unhappy with the officiating in BYU’s recent home victory over the rival Utah Utes.

Among other things, Greg Wrubell of ksl.com noted:

"There can be no argument that Fredette is getting the stuffing knocked out of him on a nightly basis, and this past week in particular, the whistle was swallowed more often than not.

It appears that Fredette's brilliance as a scorer and ease in finding different ways to score is leading officials to make him have to work even harder than lesser players to earn the whistle. Dave Rose has done well to keep his own emotions in check, as he watches his star player receive the opposite of "star treatment." Rose, Fredette and BYU fans have reason to be upset and concerned; Jimmer deserves more protection than he is getting, but no more or less than any other player in his position should expect.”

In other words, Wrubell believes Fredette is getting hacked regularly, and he is putting up ridiculous numbers despite officiating which is clearly slanted against him.

I say Wrubell is delusional.

This is nonsense.






The idea that Fredette receives unfair treatment from the referees is an absolutely, unequivocally, hilariously, mind-boggling joke. I literally laughed out loud in confused disbelief at the thought.

Fredette’s skill is indisputable.

He earns his points with an array of adept finishing techniques.

He’s an amazing player.

Jimmer has at least five signature moves:

The devastating pull-up three, which he can bury from 30+ feet.

The dizzying yo-yo cross-over, used to create an open look or an open lane to drive.

The scoop, effective in traffic and against defenders of all shapes and sizes.

The hanging bank shot, yet another crafty maneuver perfected by the Jimmer.

And, when all else fails, the throw your body into the nearest opposing player, flail, and drop like you’ve been shot with an elephant tranquilizer.

Guess what? All five work more often than not.

Fredette has gotten to the free-throw line for double digit attempts in four of his last seven games.

He has been employing his lethal jumper more often this year than in the past, and it has been incredibly effective. When he does drive into the paint, he converts at a spectacular rate as well.

The fact of the matter is, college basketball officiating is wildly inconsistent. Blocks and charges are called with no recognizable rhyme nor reason. Touch fouls are whistled at random. Take downs are occasionally ignored.

It happens. It can be frustrating.

Having said that, there are few players, if any, that are given the benefit of the doubt by the officials as often as Fredette.

To suggest otherwise implies either bias or stupidity, in some cases both.

Superstars get calls.

Fredette is a superstar.

Fredette gets calls. This is fairly common in sports.

So too, are those who persist in believing that their favorite team and their favorite player are the exception to the rule.

At least they provide a good chuckle to the rest of us.


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