Will the New York Knicks Choke and Fail to Sign Carmelo Anthony?

Danni Santana@@danimals8Contributor IFebruary 19, 2011

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Only the New York Knicks can mess up something that was gift wrapped for them.

Three weeks ago, Mikhail Prokhorov went on national television to say they were going to pull out of the Carmelo Anthony negotiations.

Claiming the asking price was just too high. Add on the fact that Anthony really wanted to be a Knick, this deal should have been done weeks ago.

The Knicks had an opportunity to agree on the asking price for Carmelo Anthony and declined. Why?

Well, for a reason only the New York Knickerbockers would give for declining.

They are hesitant to include Danilo Gallinari in the deal.

Seriously? Come on Knicks!

Gallinari won’t even amount to half the player that Anthony will be and even the Knicks themselves know that.

And if it’s true that Mike D’Antoni’s relationship with Gallinari’s father is why they won’t include him in the Anthony trade, that is ridiculous.

I had no idea Gallinari’s father pays D’Antoni’s salary.

Because of the Knicks reluctance to include Gallinari, the New Jersey Nets are back in the game and actually agreed on a deal with the Denver Nuggets that includes four first round draft picks, Devon Harris and Derrick Favors.

Only thing that is left is to have Anthony sign an extension with the Nets to make the deal.

This seems very likely as Anthony does not want to be a two-month rental and have to go through this process again in the summer.

With that said, reports are that Anthony would sign an extension with the Nets because he does not want to lose up to $50 million which would happen if he enters free agency.

This means that the Knicks must agree to a deal with the Nuggets.

One would think by at least Monday to avoid the embarrassment and the disappointment of losing out on Anthony because of the Nets.

After all, it’s safe to say that Anthony would rather go to the Knicks than the Nets.

It's overrated but playing at Madison Square Garden is still worth something.especially if the Garden gets back to how it was in the 90s.

The fact that Knicks owner James Dolan spoke with the Nuggets on Thursday Feb. 16 means the Knicks still have a shot at getting Anthony.

There will be no greater embarrassment for the Knicks franchise or Knick fans than to see the player they had at their fingertips across the river playing for the Nets a team that has always been like the Knicks kid brother especially in terms of popularity.

The Knicks should make the deal: include Gallinari and sign Anthony to the extension, so he can get his money and in turn, the Knicks can get a second star player to go with Amar'e Stoudemire.

See how far the team can get in the playoffs this year with Anthony, Stoudemire and Billups who will also be included in the deal.

The next step then would be to in a couple of years time add the role players needed to win a NBA championship.

However, the Knicks must acquire Anthony before the Feb. 24 trade deadline to continue on their journey to be title contenders.

Without Anthony and Billups, the Knicks are no more than a playoff team that could very well suffer a first round exit in the playoffs.

Not to mention, failure to successfully acquire Anthony would mark the second star player that Donnie Walsh, James Dolan and the Knicks fail to get to go with Stoudemire.

Walsh’s job will certainly be in jeopardy and frankly there is no excuse for not getting a player who wants to play in Madison Square Garden for the Knicks.

Anthony was born in New York City, played college basketball at Syracuse and has made it known he wants to be a Knick.

This is not like the LeBron James situation because James knew he was going to go to Miami as soon as Chris Bosh signed with the Heat.

After a while, it was well known the Knicks had no chance to get James.

The Knicks have new life by talking to the Nuggets on Thursday.

They must get the deal done.


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