A Chicago Cubs' Fan Finds His Way Home at Last

kevin lewisContributor ISeptember 25, 2008

Nothing like having to wait 40 years for your first time to Wrigley Field.

My step dad came up with this idea last year:  We will go to a different park every year for a game.  Last year we started with his favorite team—the Atlanta Braves. We saw them play the Mets.It was Tanner's first pro game of any kind.

Since he was a four years-old, he has loved baseball.  I think he was about five years old the first time he told me how much he loved the game. How he planned to play pro himself.

"Daddy, I am going to play second base for the Cubs."

I have heard him say it over and over since then. Now he is 11 when the time came to plan out this trip.You know the park Tanner had in mind.

Bond called me and said, "We are going to start this thing off right. First, we go to St. Louis versus the Dodgers on the sixth and seventh of August. Then we slide over to Chicago for a game versus the Cardinals on the eighth. Get up in the bleachers, and watch Tanner's face when the Cubs hit the field."

We whent to St Louis for two games. Chicago for two games. He had a smile a mile wide after Papa Bond told him the plans.  It was like he had just swallowed up a bunch of sunshine.Knowing he would see the Cardinals vs the Dodgers twice. Then the Cubs vs Cardinals. Then the White Sox vs the Red Sox.The games in St Louis were fun. Especially messing with the Cardinal fan's. Bless his heart my son is a Manny fan. Every time Manny came up the fans were screaming "Manny You S--K, Your over rated and over paid. Tanner just got load back at them. "Manny Don't listen to them you don't suck,your the Man! There just jealous!" Then starts telling them all "I am a CUBS FAN!" Bond and me just had to look the other way to keep a straight face. It was classic. You know one of those male bonding times moms usally don't understand. He was right though Manny in both games first at bat Home Run then they would not pitch to him again. Wonder why?

 From the time we got off the L-train, Tanner was in awe.  He could now see his dream of second base. He was able to get a batting practice ball signed. He thought Jim Edmonds could hear every word he said.  This was the day Edmonds hit back-to-back home runs, and the Cubs won in extra innings. Tanner's smile suggested he knew something no one else did.As we sat in the bleachers in center field. It was a great game. What made it so special was when Tanner told me what was going to happen.

"Daddy, they will have my name up there someday," he said.

I hope so, son; I really do.  Who knows if his dream will come true—maybe it will; maybe it won't. I think he has seen what he needs to do to reach his dreams. Seeing the park and the city with my step dad and son was like a dream come true for me. The only thing that could beat going there this last time. Would be to return and see him playing.

Go Cubs Go!