MMAngle? Kurt Angle to Join MMA In a Year

George ButcherCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2008

Kurt Angle has made it official that he has set his sights on MMA, as he is tired of pro wrestling. He believes that there is not enough "competition" for him in TNA and has claimed that he'll be joining an organisation of MMA in a year.

Angle broke the news a few days ago, saying he wants to follow Brock Lesnar who is currently in the UFC.

The Olympic gold medalist has found his dream in the new business after being in TNA for about two years. This has clearly been a long time coming for Angle, and of course must be a life long dream. It may be that this is a wrong decision, but for him it must be the right one.

Yes this is a shocker for the fans, but whether you hate him or not, he is living the dream.