WWE Elimination Chamber 2011: From Worst to Best, "This Is Awesome!"

Jon SainzAnalyst IIApril 9, 2017

Today is 2-21-11. Questions will be answered in tonight's WWE RAW, and we are 41 days away from WrestleMania, but first let's take a look at the latest WWE PPV, Elimination Chamber.

In my last WWE article, I nominated the Royal Rumble as a front-runner for Worst PPV of the Year. But somehow the WWE has managed to follow an awful PPV with an awesome one (despite the Miz, not because of him). Here's my analysis of the PPV.


ADR vs. Kofi Kingston

The first half of the match is kind of weird, with Del Rio in the ropes not wanting to get hit for a couple of minutes. Then he seemed to love Kofi's hairstyle, grabbing it time and again with the referee telling him to let go of it about seven or eight times.

After that it goes on to be a fairly entertaining back-and-forth match, with ADR locking an armbar (or however they call it now) and tapping Kingston out.

Not a bad match, but why in the world did they book it? A title defense by Kofi could've been better.


SmackDown! Chamber

Kane, McIntyre and Barrett enter the chamber and are locked in. Teddy Long's music hits and he reminds us that Dolph Ziggler was fired and he presents his Elimination Chamber replacement, the seven-foot, 400-plus pound world's largest athlete, the Big Show. That leaves the WHC Edge and Mysterio starting things out in the ring. 

Edge basically manhandles Mysterio for five minutes, but is unable to eliminate him and Barrett enters the match.

Another five minutes and a lot of near falls, but no elimination, and the next one unleashed is the big red monster, Kane. 

Kane dominates for five minutes and is the only one standing when a new contender (McIntyre) comes in.

McIntyre looked awesome, destroying everybody. Then there were some great attacks and counter, but still no eliminations as the last pod opens and the Big Show enters the match.

After going through glass two times, first because of McIntyre and then because of the Big Show, Barrett is the first one eliminated at the hands of the giant. 

What does it take to eliminate the Big Show? A flying clothesline by Kane, a flying elbow by Edge, a future shock DDT, Mysterio from the top of one of the pods, a big boot by Kane, 619 by Mysterio, spear by Edge and finally a Kane chokeslam before he pins him.

McIntyre goes down way easier after Kane reverses a flying clothesline to a chokeslam and pins him. 

Mysterio reverses absolutely everything Kane has in his arsenal ending it with a 619, but he can't complete the West Coast Pop, leaving Kane standing and Mysterio hanging up upside down, for the ultimate opportunist to spear them and pin Kane.

But before he leaves he has a couple of presents, a big boot for Edge and a congratulatory chokeslam for the final two competitors, who happen to be the same guys who started this thing out.

Attack, counter, near fall and repeat. There were 619s and West Coast Pops by Mysterio, and powerbombs (what the hell?), a variation of the sharpshooter (WHAT???) and spears by Edge. Mysterio hits a 619 and goes for the West Coast Pop, but Edge counters it with a spear and pins Mysterio.

Winner and still WHC, the rated "R" superstar Edge. 

"On this day I see clearly" that this match was freaking awesome. How long has it been since we heard "this is awesome" chants in the WWE?  And for all those who said this wasn't going to be that good, yes it was.

After the match, ADR attacks Edge inside the chamber and has him in an armlock, when Christian's music hits and the man himself comes to the rescue. He beats ADR and delivers a killswitch before the referees make him leave. So there you have it peeps, Captain Charisma is back. 

Tough Enough announcement: As if Booker T and Austin weren't enough, just after CC made his return we get a new one, the Diva of the decade, Trish Stratus.


Tag Team Championship Match

Santimo and Kozlov with Tamina vs. Slater and Gabriel with Big Zeke. In what seemed like, and was, a filler match, Gabriel pinned Kozlov after a 450 splash to win the titles for the Corre. 

Not a bad match, but could as well have been a SD match.

Also back is Kelly Kelly, who attacked Vickie Guerrero. Kelly Kelly was subsequently attacked by LayCool, before Trish Stratus made her second appearance of the night and hit both LayCool members with Stratusfactions.


WWE Championship Match

The Miz with Alex Riley vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler. There are "Jerry, Jerry" chants before the match starts, and some quick covers by Lawler (a small package and a schoolboy). Lawler dominates until Riley runs interference and Miz takes control. Some back and forth with Lawler dominating for a while, and Riley interferes for a third time and he's expelled from ringside.

A couple of near falls, and the action goes near the announcer's table. Cole runs his mouth, and since Lawler can't hit him, he throws Miz on top of him and knocks him out. A bit more back and forth and Miz pins Lawler after a Skull Crushing Finale.

Fairly entertaining match with some old school moves. Way better than I expected. Awful commentary by Cole.


RAW Chamber

Randy Orton, R-Truth, CM Punk and Cena are locked, and Morrison and Sheamus start the match in the ring.

There are five minutes of back-and-forth action, with great athleticism shown by JoMo and power by Sheamus. Both are still in there and coming in is the Viper, Randy Orton.

Orton dominates, putting Morrison through the glass of the pod he was in, hitting Sheamus with a DDT from the ropes to the steel floor, superplexing both, but unable to pin any of them before a new pod opens and CM Punk, who Orton was waiting for on the other side of the glass, enters the match.

Punk's pod fails to open and Orton starts the attack with Punk stuck halfway through the gate. As soon as he's out, Orton tosses him inside the ring, hits an RKO and sends him packing. With Punk leaving, Cole gets an email that states that Punk gets a second chance because of the malfunctioning pod. CM Punk re-enters his pod and the match continues. 

Not much happens before Cena's pod opens, this time without malfunctions. Sheamus, who happened to be near it, attacks Cena immediately. 

A bit of everything but no eliminations as R-Truth enters the ring with "Let's go Cena" and "Cena sucks" chants. Sheamus tries to do the same thing he did with Cena, but it backfires as Truth is able to counter it and attack Sheamus, ending it with a hip toss on the steel. Truth attacks the others but is hit out of nowhere with a big boot by Sheamus, and is eliminated.

Morrison beats on Sheamus before he is put through glass once again by Orton. Cena and Orton get to it with Orton leaving Cena down to go after the returning CM Punk, who does not come out of the pod as Orton counters an Attitude Adjustment with an RKO on the steel.

Sheamus hits Orton with a big boot and is immediately attacked by Punk, who just exited his pod. He goes after Orton and hits him with a Go To Sleep before pinning him. 

Sheamus is thrown from the top of one of the pods by Morrison, who goes on to climb near the centre of the Chamber (just above Sheamus) and drop on top of him, pinning him immediately.

Attack from everyone, near falls, attack and counters. JoMo misses with Starship Pain and lands on a busted knee. CM Punk takes his opportunity and pins him after a GTS.

Cena has Punk in position for an AA, but Punk hangs on to the ropes for dear life. Cena then changes his mind and hits the AA in the direction of the steel instead of the ring and pins him.

Winner and new No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship: John Cena.

Awesome match, but not as good as the SD chamber.


Random Thoughts

Did everybody forget how to speak English in this PPV? (Somebody is losing with me (ADR), according to Teddy Long, Friday and Sunday are in different weeks, we still are in 2010, Gabriel is now apparently Gravel, Kofi is Golfi, etc.).

Why was there a Elimination Chamber promo in the Elimination Chamber PPV? Isn't it easier to explain the rules for the 766892134th time while they are entering the chamber? I guess they had time to fill.

Why is William Shatner in the WWE HoF promotional video?

For once we had entertaining promos. I couldn't help laughing with Trish's impression of the Rock and Booker T.

Michael Cole is an idiot.


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