WWE: What's Next For Dolph Ziggler and Will He Return In Time For Wrestlemania?

James PinchesContributor IFebruary 22, 2011

Dolph as Intercontinental Champion
Dolph as Intercontinental Champion

With Dolph Ziggler's recent "sacking" by Teddy Long, I ask what is possibly next for him?

As far as I can tell, he is definitely out of the World Heavyweight Championship storyline, with Edge confirming his place as champion for WrestleMania 27 by winning the elimination chamber match on Sunday night.

So what next for Ziggler? As a former Intercontinental Champion, surely he has good pedigree, which begs another question: Why was he dropped all of a sudden?

I honestly don't know how they are going to bring him back with out bringing him back as someone who is portrayed as being mentally unstable after Vicki Guerrero's comments about him at the Elimination Chamber.

So a potential feud may be to drop back down to the Intercontinental Championship and face Kofi Kingston. But this has already been seen once, so is there another option for him?

Could it be Edge who drops the title at WrestleMania and Dolph comes back then to attack Edge as "he got him fired?" This one would make the most sense as a straight forward storyline, but again its all been done before.

So what could Dolph do to become different, to carve out his own niche?

I think he definitely needs to stay heel, this is the best thing about Dolph as an arrogant, mega tanned, vain wrestler.

The only problem is the lack of talent for him to have a decent feud. Would he work well on RAW, maybe a feud with Orton or Cena?

I personally would like to see him have a great feud with John Cena. Although with everyone calling for a heel turn for Cena, could it work well with Dolph as a face? I personally don't think so, I don't see how he could come across as a face.

Maybe another feud with Edge culminating in a loser leaves SmackDown, with the winner transferring to RAW.

Or will he be the next Jack Swagger or MVP and just become the latest jobber who annoyed the boss during his push?

Is there anything you would like to see with Dolph Ziggler, or are you glad he's been fired?

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