Miguel Cabrera Needs Treatment Sooner Rather Than Later

Deborah HortonContributor IFebruary 23, 2011

Miguel Cabrera
Miguel CabreraLeon Halip/Getty Images

Miguel Cabrera was arrested last week and charged with suspicion of DUI and resisting officers without violence.  This is not the first time Cabrera has had an incident related to alcohol use. The way the Tigers and MLB are handling the situation, it may not be the last. One thing is certain: Cabrera needs help.

After the 2009 incident where Cabrera had too much to drink, got into a fight with his wife and then Detroit collapsed and lost the division title in the last game of the season, the Tigers did nothing to help Cabrera.  

He was not suspended. He was not sent to rehab. There was nothing as it was the end of the season and it just didn't matter anymore. In 2010, Cabrera had one of his best years, batting .328 with 38 homers, 128 RBI and a slugging percentage of .622 while striking out only 95 times. He finished second in the American League MVP voting. It was all great and wonderful.

The Tigers, apparently, thought that since Cabrera was having such a great season, he couldn't possibly still have an alcohol issue. They were wrong, of course.

Cabrera's latest arrest only further proves that he has an alcohol problem and he has had had one all along. The Tigers and MLB have done nothing to try and get Cabrera help or to make him accountable for his actions. The Tigers just this week said that they don't expect Cabrera to receive any suspension from this. The Tigers did say they are going to have a doctor look at him and determine what his "treatment" should be. Cabrera has a scheduled arraignment on March 16.

The legal system will decide that outcome, which will probably be light if anything at all. MLB may mandate that Cabrera be sent to a 28-day treatment program, which everyone knows he needs. That would put him back with the team before opening day March 31.

Perhaps rehab will benefit him. At this point, it definitely won't hurt. But the Tigers and MLB dropped the ball on this one and if they continue Cabrera could find himself in a lot more trouble if he continues down this path.