Gerald Wallace Traded To The Portland Trailblazers...Flynn Next?

Tom JenkinsContributor IFebruary 23, 2011

Wallace is likely joining Aldridge in Portland.
Wallace is likely joining Aldridge in Portland.Brian A. Westerholt/Getty Images

The Blazers have quietly executed a deal for one of the best forwards in the league, according to Dwight Jaynes. 

Several trades have been rumored. One was a package including Andre Miller and possibly Marcus Camby. This trade would not be ideal for the Blazers, for they would therefore have to test out Wesley Matthews at the point or start Patty Mills who is not incredibly experienced.

The next trade rumor is a straight up Wallace for Joel Pryzbilla. This trade would be incredibly beneficial for the Blazers. Pryzbilla has provided little to no support to the team, especially now that Cunningham is playing like an all-star and Oden and Camby will be returning soon. This trade likely means that Nicolas Batum will hit the bench, but he is an excellent sub to give Matthews or Wallace a blow.

Wallace averages 15.5 points per game this season and is only in his late twenties. If the Blazers are able to sign him with an extension, he could be the future of the franchise. Lamarcus Aldridge has been playing better than anyone in the league the past 10 games and just imagine him with Wallace playing along side him. Brandon Roy is expected to either come back to the lineup tonight or Friday—just picture that. Brandon Roy, Gerald Wallace and Lamarcus Aldridge. The Blazers are quietly building their own little "Big Three".

Portland are currently 8 games above .500 and have the 5th best record in the Western Conference. They are doing all of this ever so quietly. Don't be surprised to see them go deep in the playoffs.

Recent rumors have Jonny Flynn coming to Portland as well, as point guard support. This would be huge. Flynn is a similar player to Miller, just a bit younger. Neither are amazing but either of them will put up huge stats with Wallace, Aldridge and Roy on the same court as them. Flynn likely will only come over if it was in fact Miller traded in the Wallace deal—all of the details are yet to be announced.

The Blazers are legit.

Here is a projected lineup for the first game after the break.






West, watch out. The team had zero all-stars and they're playing better than anyone in the league.

Article dedicated to Sean Byrne, the reason I know who the Blazers are.