The NFL Mock Draft Project 2011: Pick by Pick Analysis of the First Round

Ian HarrisonCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2011

NEW YORK - APRIL 22:  Jahvid Best from the California Golden Bears holds up a Detroit Lions jersey after the Lions selected Best number 30 overall during the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall on April 22, 2010 in New York City.  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

The Mock Draft Project is what I've been calling my analysis for many years. So, I figured that is what I would call the thread. I haven't made many posts on this board, so this might not look up to par. For the following mock, I'll be using my personal Big Board.


Pick Number | NFL Team | Player Selected | College | Draft Grade | Big Board Position

Draft Analysis

Players ranked with a N/A as a positional value are graded as 'hybrids' players who can play either outside linebacker or defensive end, and 'athletes' who have no defined position.

1st. | Carolina Panthers | AJ Green | Georgia | 98 | 1st Overall/1st Wide Receiver

The Carolina Panthers have painted themselves into a sticky situation. On one hand, Nick Fairley makes the most sense. Fairley is an incredible prospect that would help to improve Charles Johnson and Jon Beason, the two best players on the team's defense. However, because the Panthers traded away their second round pick this season for Amanti Edwards, they can't take a risk in round one, no matter how minuscule. AJ Green is the safest prospect available, but I also consider him the best prospect. He doesn't drag with him arguments of character concerns, and he seems to be saying, and doing, all the right things. New head coach Ron Rivera hinted at a possible separation between long-time Panther Steve Smith and the team, which only furthers my speculation: This pick will be AJ Green. If they can move Steve Smith, the Panthers will be able to start two young future studs at the wide receiver position in David Gettis and Green. Rivera is more likely to be able to attract free agents on the defensive side of the ball, considering his long-standing success in San Diego.

2nd. | Denver Broncos | Nick Fairley | Auburn | 97 | 3rd Overall/1st Defensive Tackle

This pick has to be on the defensive line. The Broncos are switching from the thirty-four defense back to the forty-three, and they really lack any real strength at either the defensive tackle or the defensive end position. Because the Broncos already have Elvis "Doom" Dumervil and Robert Ayers, they already have two potential starters at defensive end. They do not have a single player who can start at defensive tackle. Fairley should be able to supply a pass-rush even when their undersized defensive ends can not. Nick brings with him considerable character concerns, but Jon Fox's experience should at least keep that side of Nick Fairley off of the football field. Fairley's ability to penetrate the middle will do wonders for an aging secondary. However, look for Denver to double-dip at defensive line early; perhaps as early as round two.

3rd. | Buffalo Bills | Cameron Newton | Auburn | 95(+6) | 9th Overall/1st Quarterback

Disclaimer: I factor in the hype machine when it comes to quarterbacks. That is the (+6). Originally, Cam Newton graded out as a 89.

Cam Newton is not ready to start, but he's not as far away as some might think. Cam Newton will learn his offense slowly, wherever he goes, but don't get me wrong, he will learn it. Cam Newton has the three things you look for in a Franchise Quarterback. Leadership, 'Clutch,' and Decision Making (On the field at least!) People confuse Cam Newton's struggle with accuracy for a lack of decision making. I can't disagree more. The majority of the time, Cam makes the right read, but he misses throws. This is fixable, especially with Cam Newton's desire to win. Cam does have one thing I am worried about, however and that is his inflated sense of self. Did anyone else cringe seeing his interview? Cam Newton is the best fit for a quarterback in Buffalo right now. After some games behind Fitzpatrick, perhaps an entire season, Newton will be ready to take over the reigns. The rest of this draft, for Buffalo, should be all about preparing for Cam. In the second round, don't rule out Buffalo getting him a wide receiver like Leonard Hankerson.

4th. | Cincinnati Bengals | Da'Quan Bowers | Clemson | 96 | 5th Overall/1st Defensive End

Da'Quan Bowers worries me. His progress since committing to Clemson has been minimal at best, and he did not produce at all in his first two seasons. Da'Quan has all the skill, size, and speed in order to have racked up forty sacks by this time. Teams will have to question his work ethic on the field. Also, in a class strong at the defensive end position, Bowers has created limited separation. As Mike Mayock has predicted, I wouldn't be surprised if Robert Quinn jumped Bowers. For now, I'll mock him to Cincinnati, who badly needs help on the defensive line. Without Antwan Odoms, this defense fell apart last season. Even though he's expected to return, I wouldn't bet the farm on him. Odoms would benefit from being in a rotation with Bowers and the promising Dunlap. If, however, Jonathan Joseph walks, or if the Carson Palmer situation is not handled, this pick could easily chance. Cincinnati is the fork in the draft, and whomever they pick will greatly skew the rest of the draft.

5th. | Arizona Cardinals | Von Miller | Texas A&M | 97 | 4th Overall/1st Outside Linebacker

Von Miller is going to start from day one, and boy does Arizona need it. Ken Whisenhunt relied on scrubs and former scrubs to play defense last season, and it obviously didn't work out. Arizona needs a lot, and I've previously mocked this pick as offensive tackle Tyron Smith, but Von Miller has became too much to pass up, especially with the reach required to get Tyron Smith. If Whisenhunt does not acquire Donavan McNabb like I expect him too, I could see this being Blaine Gabbert. Arizona has a myriad of needs, but none, except for the quarterback position, are more immediate than a rushing linebacker. Miller, like Bowers, may have some competition when Robert Quinn hits the combine. (Especially if he runs the expected 4.55 forty time.) For now, this pick has to be Von Miller.

6th. | Cleveland Browns | Patrick Peterson | LSU | 97 | 2nd Overall/1st Cornerback

Patrick Peterson is almost the exact same size as Nnamdi Asomugha and he appears to have a similar future. Peterson is every bit the number one corner he is expected to be and possibly more. This may have Browns fans worried, considering just a year ago they selected Joe Haden. This is questionable, because a team drafting sixth probably shouldn't double-dip, but Peterson and Haden makes Cleveland's defense better. The safeties will now be more free to help the run, without constantly having to worry about Eric Wright's man. (I kid... a little.) Because Wright is a free agent, he likely won't be brought back, especially if Peterson is available. In the new NFL world, where the last two superbowl winners were essentially spread-offenses, is it a bad idea to double up at corner? I think not.

7th. | San Fransisco 49ers | Prince Amukamara | Nebraska | 96 | 7th Overall/2nd Cornerback

Nate Clements is a thirty-one year old corner going into his eleventh season in the league. Combine this with his lack of speed even in his prime, and you've got a potential move to safety on your hands. The 49ers have Dashon Goldson and Taylor Mays in their secondary already, but Goldson is a free agent and Mays is not ready to be a starter. Clements could move seamlessly to safety to take over for Reggie Smith, who struggled in his seven games last season. Amukamara makes sense here as he is generally considered a “safe pick” and he will fill a large need. I think Jim Harbough will grant Alex Smith, another season. You never know, Alex Smith is a smart guy, and maybe with Harbough's tutelage, he might finally get it.

8th. | Tennessee Titans | Marcell Dareus | Alabama | 95 | 8th overall/2nd Defensive Tackle

The Titans don't have many holes, but one of the larger ones is the entire hole in the defensive line. This team hasn't been the same since Albert Haynesworth departed, and it is possible he may be back. (Or, you know, it was that Jim Schwartz guy.) Dareus supplies most of the skill of Haynesworth with none of the baggage. Dareus excels in stuffing the run, and the Titans will need him badly if they indeed part ways with Stephen Tullock (Speaking of Detroit...) This pick could be Blaine Gabbert, but I'm not convinced that Tennessee will part ways with Vince Young. To my knowledge, they have not traded, nor released him to this point. Even if they do in fact part ways, I think the Titans will wait until next season to draft a quarterback unless Cam Newton is available. Kerry Collins will likely be the opening day starter and to me, that sounds a whole lot like number one pick.

9th. | Dallas Cowboys | JJ Watt | Wisconsin | 94 | 13th Overall/3rd Defensive Tackle(or 5 technique end)

JJ Watt's lateral quickness is outstanding for a man that stands at 6'6 and weighs in at nearly 300 pounds. He is the perfect fit for a five-technique defensive end, a position where Dallas is running thin. Some people have faith in Stephen Bowen, but I do not. Neither Stephen Bowen nor Igor Olshansky played well last season. JJ Watt will be asked to play opposite Bowen and next to Jay Ratliff. This, by no means, is a sexy pick, but if Patrick Peterson and Prince Amukamara are off the board, it's doubtable any pick they will make will be. There really aren't too many people who make sense here, so Dallas may look to move out of this spot.

10th. | Washington Redskins | Blaine Gabbert | Missouri | 94(+3) | 10th Overall/2nd Quarterback

Blaine Gabbert has my highest ranking of any quarterback before factoring in the hype, and I think he's a steal here at ten. Washington sat Donavan McNabb for Rex Grossman, so Redskin fans have now began to deny they will be drafting a quarterback. I wonder why they think Shanahan sat Albert Haynesworth. Mike Shanahan is looking for 'his guy' and trust me, Redskins fans, no one thinks Rex Grossman is that guy. Gabbert fills a huge need and similar to the Bills pick, I think this will lock them into a focus of improving the offense in the draft. Gabbert will be an improvement from Donavan McNabb, who 'didn't get' the offense. The Redskins will look to pick up a big time receiver or a big time running back in the middle rounds.

11th. | Houston Texans | Robert Quinn | North Carolina | 95 | 7th Overall/N/A

As I stated previously, Robert Quinn may take over the role as the best defensive end in the draft if he blows up the combine. Quinn had more production as a sophomore and as a freshman than Da'Quan Bowers, and it's completely possible he would have out-staged him this season had he not been barred from playing. I am not going to diminish Quinn for 'character issues' because I completely disagree that players should have to play college ball at all in order to get to the professional leagues, but I do think a year off is always a bad thing. If Robert Quinn has the work ethic Mike Mayock believes he does, I wouldn't be surprised if he blew up into the number one pick. With all of that said, he is a steal here for a team moving to the thirty-four, especially one without any player capable of being an edge rusher.

12th. | Minnesota Vikings | Rahim Moore | UCLA | 92 | 20th Overall/1st Safety

The Vikings secondary is awful. It is so awful, in fact, that is is negating their ability to pass-rush. Antoine Winfield is 643 years, Madieu Williams has one of the worst contracts in the league and Hassan Abdullah isn't anything to brag about. Cedric Griffin is the only player in the league hurt more than Matthew Stafford and Chris Cook is awful. Rahim Moore is a stud from the safety position and can greatly help out this defense. Moore is a ball hawk and can produce similarly to Jairus Byrd's first season in Buffalo. Many people consider this a reach, and I think it might be, but I'm not convinced that they will reach on a quarterback at this point. I do, believe, if they make this pick, they will look to move up from the 44th selection to take a guy like Andy Dalton or (my favorite quarterback in the class) Colin Kaepernick.

13th. | Detroit Lions | Akeem Ayers | UCLA | 93 | 14th Overall/2nd Outside Linebacker

For the record, as a Lions fan, I absolutely hate this pick. I don't think there is any excuse for coming out of the first round without the next potential #1 cornerback. I, however, think this will be the pick. Akeem Ayers is a complete player and can greatly help out the Lions. The Lions could use this pick on an offensive tackle, but I don't think it will happen. The owners love Jeff Backus (For good reason.) and likely won't target a offensive tackle in round one. I think the Lions would be better off to draft a corner and offensive line depth, and look to free agency for help at linebacker, but no one has the sense of urgency I have about the Detroit secondary. Ayers will likely start the next decade for the Lions, but he will not make a difference in their potential play off push.

14th. | St. Louis Rams | Julio Jones | 94 | 11th Overall/2nd Wide Receiver

Julio Jones is a game changer. He could solidify the wide reciever position for a team desperate for offensive fire power. This pick could be a defensive tackle depending on how Corey Leguit grades out, but for now, the Sam Bradford-to-Julio Jones connection is on. If this happens, this could be one of the most prolific combos in football history. Julio Jones doesn't have the speed Tory Holt once brought to St. Louis, but he has a similar ceiling. The rest of the draft will likely be spent solidifying the defense, but a talent like Julio Jones can not, and will not, be passed over by the Rams. Danny Amendola will continue to thrive as the 'chain mover' from the slot, possibly even more now that Josh McDaniels is in St. Louis.

15th. | Miami Dolphins | Jake Locker | 91(+3) | 24th Overall/3rd Quarterback

Jake Locker is a reach here; let's not kid ourselves. The Dolphins, however, can not come out of this first round without a new quarterback. The fans in Miami hate Chad Henne, and Chad Pennington needs to retire before he's in a wheel chair. You cannot gamble your entire season on the idea you'll be able to acquire a free-agent quarterback. Jake Locker has obvious accuracy issues, and sometimes gets lost in the game. However, he is an incredible leader and I think he'll be a very popular man in Miami. He has a strong arm and may be able to have Culpepper-like success with an athlete like Brandon Marshall. Locker is not ready to start, but having Henne start a few games may help Locker. What's better to soften the blow of Jake Locker missing wide-open passes than Chad Henne completing perfect balls to the other team?

16th. | Jacksonville Jaguars | Ryan Kerrigan | 94 | 12th Overall/N/A

Ryan Kerrigan is not your prototypical NFL Draft prospect from the Defensive End position. He is not an incredible athlete, and he isn't very fast. However, Kerrigan fits the 'Kyle Vanden Bosch' mold. He's tough, really strong, and he does not ever stop. Kerrigan had 26 tackles for loss last season and has had 25 sacks over the last two. He routinely made the Big Ten offensive lineman look like Class D high schools. Kerrigan is a leader from the defensive end position and can do it all. He will never be regarded as a great pass-rusher, but he's good. Combine that with his ability to stuff the run, and you have a really good, potentially great, player. He also happens to fill Jacksonville's biggest need.

17th. | New England Patriots | Cameron Jordan | California | 93 | 17th Overall/2nd Defensive End

Cameron Jordan is a huge man and can play any position on the defensive line. New England greatly needs a new five technique defensive end and a new edge rusher, and they will pick one of the two in this slot. New England is loaded with draft picks and should be able to fill every team need. I'm not as high on Cam Jordan as many, because I don't think it's good to draft a defensive end that weighs 300 pounds, but because he's going to a thirty-four team, I think it's a solid pick. Jordan is a incredible athlete, and I think he'll be able to succeed in the New England system, especially considering he'll be next to Vince Wilfork. New England needs to acquire a rush-end and a wide receiver in it's next three picks, so someone like Mark Ingram may be a possibility with the fourth, but I'm not sold on him here over Jordan.

18th. | San Diego Chargers | Phil Taylor | Baylor | 91 | 26th Overall /1st Nose Tackle

Phil Taylor is 6'4, 350 pounds, and is the best nose-tackle prospect in years. People may disregard him, but he's going to absolutely destroy the competition in the combine. At 350 pounds, he is still expected to run a 5.2 forty. He's fast, he's agile and his lateral quickness make him a great Nose Tackle. Taylor will allow Antonio Garay to move over to defensive end to replace free-agent Jacques Cesaire. Garay may, at first, seem too large to play the five-technique, but he has the pass-rushing ability to do it. He did notch 5.5 sacks last season. Some may say the pick of Cam Thomas makes this unlikely, but I don't buy that AJ Smith will pass on Taylor simply because he drafted a project last season.

19th. | New York Giants | Tyron Smith | USC | 15th Overall/1st Offensive Tackle

The Giants are one of the many teams looking for a new franchise Left Tackle, but they are the first to draft one in this mock. This is a really weak class of tackles, but even with the first coming at 19, there are many more to come. Tyron Smith has gained twenty pounds since the end of football season and is said to be ready to play from day one. I'm not sold on that. How can someone whom has played at 300 pounds, whom has not played the left tackle position in years, be ready to play immediately in the NFL? I'm just not sold. Smith has all the tools necessary to be an all-pro lineman, but I'm taking a 'wait-and-see' approach to him. Tyron will thrive playing next to all-world guard Chris Snee.

20th. | Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Adrian Clayborn | Iowa | 27th Overall/4th Defensive End

The Buccaneers badly need two new defensive ends. If I were them, I would try to move up to the Cowboys spot to take Robert Quinn if he's still available. However, here, they'll be selecting Clayborn. Although Aldon Smith received a higher grade as a hybrid, I'm not sure he fits the Tampa defense. Clayborn, however, appears to have been born to be drafted here. Clayborn didn't get the stats JJ Watt and Ryan Kerrigan did, but he is arguably a better player. Clayborn's mold is very similar to Kerrigans, as he doesn't have elite athleticism, but he has a motor that doesn't quit. Drafting him here will help last year's picks improve. The combination of Clayborn and McCoy won't remind teams of Warren Sapp and Simeon Rice, but it'll be the best group since.

21st. | Kansas City Chiefs | Mike Pouncey | Florida | 89 | 30th Overall/1st Guard

Casey Weigman and Brian Waters are a combined thousand years old. That pretty much sums up this pick. The Chiefs need to acquire players who can take over for guys who are unexplainably still playing. I nearly mocked this as Anthony Costanzo, but I think the Chiefs front office has as much faith in Brandon Albert as they do in Matt Cassel. The front office, however, knows very well that dynasties are formed in the trenches. If you want to win super bowls, you need a good offensive line and a good defensive line. If Pouncey is here, I think he's definitely the pick. If, however, Brandon Flowers or Brandon Carr walk, a corner like Jimmy Smith may be the pick. For now, it has to be Pouncey.

22nd. | Indianapolis Colts | Anthony Costanzo | Boston College | 93 | 18th Overall/2nd Offensive Tackle

Colt's owner Bill Polian has been kicking himself for the last ten months since he passed on Indiana offensive tackle Roger Saffold. The Colts, instead, decided to role with Charlie Johnson as their left tackle and Peyton Manning paid the price. This season, Polian knows he cannot come out of the first round without a left tackle. Although Colorado tackle Nate Solder may have a higher ceiling, his abilities are more fit to play right tackle. Costanzo is a quality player and at this stage of the draft, he represents real value. Costanzo is arguable the most ready offensive tackle for the NFL in this draft class, and will likely be asked to start week 1 (Whenever that is.) for Indianapolis.

23rd. | Philadelphia Eagles | Nate Solder | Colorado | 92 | 22nd Overall/3rd Offensive Tackle

Winston Justice played absolutely awful in the playoffs. Because the right tackle is Michael Vick's blindside, the position becomes a huge priority. Solder has been called "the next Tony Bostelli." The Eagles may consider drafting a cornerback here, but with Solder available, I don't think they can pass on him. Winston Justice is simply not good enough to be the blind-side protector for Vick, and I think the Eagles know that. I'm not sure if Solder will be ready to start week one, but he certainly will be ready if Winston Justice continues to get torched. They'll likely look to bolster their cornerback crew in later rounds.

24th. | New Orleans Saints | Aldon Smith | Missouri | 93 | 19th Overall/N/A

I'm a little worried about Aldon Smith, and think NFL GMs will think the same thing I am. This is a guy who didn't have a lot of national buzz, and he was so worried about his injuries, he declared for the draft anyway. That is a huge red flag to me. Aldon Smith has a laundry list if injuries, and while none of them bother me specifically, they all add up. At this point, he is a huge steal in terms of talent. He is a little small for a defensive lineman, but he can add weight pretty easily. He has an elite first step and is incredible explosive; perhaps in the mold of a Justin Tuck. I originally mocked this pick as Mark Ingram, but I think his pass-catching ability is too weak to fit into the Saints offense. This is compounded by the incredible emergence of Chris Ivory.

25th. | Seattle Seahawks | Jimmy Smith | Colorado | 92 | 21st Overall/3rd Cornerback

Jimmy Smith, as a prospect, intrigues me. Jimmy Smith is a large cornerback, and he's incredibly fast, but there are some red flags. First of all, he got very little first-round noterity until Todd McShay started the hype machine. That worries me. On tape, Jimmy Smith pops. He is by the far the best player on that defense, and his low-key defensive numbers may be because Big 12 offenses purposely avoided him. The Seattle secondary is weak; neither Lawyer Milloy or Kelly Jennings should not be starting in the NFL. Jimmy Smith is ready to be Seattle's #2 Cornerback from day one. He may struggle at first, but he is a gamer, and he is well worth the selection here.

26th. | Baltimore Ravens | Torrey Smith | Maryland | 89 | 32nd Overall/4th Wide Receiver

Baltimore got defeated by Pittsburgh, once again, for two reasons. First of all, Joe Flacco is the single most over rated quarterback in the league. I think of him a lot like Walter thinks of Matt Cassel. He is good enough to get you there but not good enough to win it. He is a kicker in a quarterbacks body, and he just doesn't have it. Second of all, their wide receivers are slow. They have no game-changers on offense. Anquan Boldin and Ray Rice are nice players, but they can't do it by themselves. They either need to get a Randy Moss-like Receiver, or they need to get a new quarterback. No one seems to reciprocate my opinion about Flacco... yet. So they will look for a wide out. I have graded Titus Young as a better overall wide reciever, but Torrey Smith will be drafted ahead of him. Torrey is a 6'1 burner and will help our the Baltimore offense.

27th. | Atlanta Falcons | Kyle Rudolph | Notre Dame | 89 | 33rd Overall/1st Tight End

Atlanta will take a really, really long look at outside linebacker Justin Houston, especially considering he is a Georgia native, but ultimately you cannot pass up a chance to draft a guy like Kyle Rudolph. Rudolph's single flaw is a single injury, and if he really gets to twenty-seven come April, I will be shocked. Kyle Rudolph weighed in a little light at the combine, but it's probable he just didn't want to weigh in too heavy so he over compensated. Rudolph had huge huge hands both figuratively and in actuality. Many Notre Dame fans consider him a better player than Michael Floyd, and that is saying a lot. Tony Gonzalez has said he is coming back for one more season, but I think the looming lock out may cause him to change his mind. Regardless, you can't leave Rudolph on the board just because you have Tony Gonzalez for one season. Come draft time, expect to see Rudolph getting talked about to go as high as 14 to St. Louis.

28th. | New England | Justin Houston | Georgia | 89 | 31st Overall/N/A

Justin Houston is a game-changing linebacker, and New England badly needs him. Tully Banta-Cain was asked to be the best pass rusher on the squad last season. (Guess how that worked out.) Justin Houston has the ability to attack the quarterback, posting double-digit sacks in the Big 12 for the first time in his career last season. I'm a little worried, because he's had limited production, but on film, you begin to wonder why. Houston fills New England's second most glaring need, considering Cam Jordan has already theoretically been selected. I badly wanted to mock Mark Ingram here, but I could not see him going ahead of Justin Houston considering the circumstances.

29th. | Chicago Bears | Gabe Carimi | Wisconsin | 91 | 25th Overall/4th Offensive Tackle

This was an odd pick for me. On one hand, I feel there is no way that Chicago could pass up on an opportunity to draft a potential left tackle. On the other hand, Carimi is from Wisconsin, and the Chicago natives won't be too happy about picking him. Carimi is a gritty tackle, and reminds me a lot of Matt Light. Considering the circumstance, I can't see Chicago passing on him. Some have said Carimi can't be a left tackle in the NFL, but I do not agree. He is a little slow, and he will need some help, but in Mike Martz system, he should be fine. I mean, Jay Cutler is used to taking hits, so even if he's slow to figure it out, it will, at the very least, feel like nothing has changed. It will. He's definitely an upgrade over Chris Williams, who challenges for the worst left tackle in the league.

30th. | New York Jets | Muhammad Wilkerson | Temple | 89 | 35th Overall/4th Defensive Tackle(or five technique)

Although I graded Illinois Defensive Tackle Corey Legiut as a superior prospect, I have my doubts about him as a five-technique end. Wilkerson fits the mold. He's a run-stuffer and he's generally considered to be valuable around this area. Shaun Ellis is a thirty-four year old defensive end and is nearing the end of his tank. On the other side, you have Mike Devito and Trevor Price. This group desperately needs youth. Rex Ryan recently proclaimed his squad would finally win the Super Bowl this season, so it's debatable they'll be looking to make the sexy pick. Wilkerson is not a sexy pick, but he is the right one. The Jets may look to draft a wide receiver if they lose any of their three free-agent Wide Receivers. (Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes, and Brad Smith.) For now, this is the pick, but the Jets could go in a variety of ways.

31st. | Pittsburgh Steelers | Brandon Harris | Miami | 90 | 28th Overall/4th Cornerback

Brandon Harris has two huge red flags for me. First of all, he had greater draft stock as a sophomore than he does now as a junior. That's never good. Second of all, Brandon Harris got absolutely demolished by Michael Floyd when Miami played Notre Dame. Could it have been the coaching issue? I doubt it. Michael Floyd, who some believed was the fourth best draft eligible wide out (Behind Julio Jones, AJ Green, and Justin Blackmon) went back to school. Maybe Brandon Harris should have done the same. His stock has been dropping for months, and unless he impresses in the combine, I'm not sure he's a lock to be selected in round one. Pittsburgh, on the other hand, showed in the Super Bowl just how unimpressive their secondary is. Ryan Clark has lost a step, and they're starting someone who couldn't cut it in Arizona. Pittsburgh needs to go secondary early and often.

32nd. | Green Bay Packers | Benjamin Ijalana | Villanova | 89 | 34th Overall/5th Offensive Tackle

I graded Ben as an offensive tackle because I think he's going to get looks from teams like Buffalo if he falls into round two, but Green Bay could use him as a guard. This pick could be a five-technique end, but Ijalana is a greater value than anyone available. Corey Leguit could be an option, I'm just not under the belief he can play the defensive end position, even in the thirty-four. Ijalana will likely replace Daryn Colledge as the starting left guard, and provide an ample improvement to the interior. He and Bulaga will likely be in Green Bay anchoring that line for the next decade.


Post Mock Draft Comments:

*No, I do not actually think Mark Ingram will go undrafted. If he gets by the Saints, there isn't anyone who I think will take him. I think he'll be a trade-up target in the latter half of the first round. For the record, he is my 16th best prospect available and the #1 running back. I can't predict trades, so he went undrafted. Stranger things have happened, but Ingram falling is not something I see happening. If anyone cares, I considered him as high as tenth to Washington and I've previously mocked him to Miami and New Orleans.

*Corey Leguit and Titus Young are the other top-32 players who fell out of round one in this mock.


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