Buffalo Bills 2011 NFL Draft Should Be Used to Build Around Ryan Fitzpatrick

Joe PepeContributor IMarch 2, 2011

ORCHARD PARK, NY - DECEMBER 26:  Ryan Fitzpatrick #14 of the Buffalo Bills readies to pass against the New England Patriots at Ralph Wilson Stadium on December 26, 2010 in Orchard Park, New York.  (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

The Bills finished off this season with a poor record of 4-12, with a 1-5 record in their division.

That record has slated them with the third pick.

The Bills have a lot of needs to address in this upcoming draft; however, one issue they don’t have to address is quarterback.

One of the few things I don’t think they need is a new quarterback. Popular rumor in Buffalo is Blaine Gabbert as the franchise new quarterback, even though Ryan Fitzpatrick had a decent year.

I would like to remind you that Ryan Fitzpatrick had a good year as the Bills starting quarterback. He threw for 3,000 yards, while posting 25 touchdowns to only 15 interceptions, with a QB rating of 81.4.

Fitzpatrick has more touchdowns this year then Vick and Sanchez, two quarterbacks who made the playoffs with their respective teams. His rating was also better than Sanchez, who was one game away from being in the Super Bowl. 

Fitzpatrick had good mobility this year—he was only brought down on the ground 24 times, which was better then Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Michael Vick and Jay Cutler.

They were all playoff quarterbacks this year, not to mention a few Super Bowl winners.

There a multiple positions that most fans would like to see filled, called the “skill” positions. This would be a mistake for that organization, because they already have a good set of players in these positions.

The biggest issues for the Bills would be the run defense, which gave up 170 rushing yards a game, which ranks dead last in the NFL.

The draft offers a very simple solution to this problem—his name is Marcel Dareus. He comes from the University of Alabama, which plays in the SEC, which is considered the toughest conference in college football. He was coached but the very knowledgeable Nick Saban.

It also helps his draft stock that he is a monster of a man: He is 6’2" while weighing 303 pounds. That size makes him a perfect run stopper in the middle of that woeful Bills run defense.

When April 28th rolls around, the Bills' players, organization and fans should all be thinking with their brain and not their heart. 

Fitzpatrick stats show he can handle the Bills offense, with help from playmakers CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson. The Bills organization has been trying to return to their winning ways for a few years now.  

If they want to take a step in the right direction they should remember one saying: Defense wins championships.