WWE: John Cena's Draw Has Been Killed by The Rock and His Smackdown

Russ GodekContributor IIIMarch 3, 2011

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Well, for those of you who have been living under a rock, The Rock returned to WWE a few weeks back, and was revealed as the host of WrestleMania 27.

Much to the delight of fans, The Rock attacked John Cena in his first promo back. The Rock didn't take long to return to form on the mic, and ripped Cena apart.

For a man who has been out of the wrestling business for "seven long years", he showed no signs of rust and was golden on the mic. It was amazing to see someone have an entire arena, and most likely an entire viewing audience at home, hanging on every word.

The Rock's return made one thing apparent—the WWE's talent now is no match for that of the "Attitude Era." Certainly their in-ring skills may match up, but as far as promos, mic skills and draw from the fans, the current generation of superstars is lacking big-time.

With The Rock's return, it seems that the fans have abandoned Cena.

Sure, there are still Cena fans out there and he still gets somewhat of a draw with his promos and his entrance, but it pales in comparison to The Rock's. It has also seen a significant drop-off since The Rock's return.

Now the worry is that this will be permanent.

Once The Rock inevitably leaves again after WrestleMania, maybe fans will go back to cheering their loudest for Cena, but nothing is certain at this point.

A heel-turn for Cena has been speculated on by many wrestling fans and offered up as a possibility to save Cena's hero status from diminishing on its own.

It's an idea to consider and it could mirror the double-turn of Bret Hart and Steve Austin at WrestleMania 13.

Recently we have seen Randy Orton, once a promising villain, become more of an anti-hero.

Orton's appeal has been winning him more cheers than boos lately, and if a feud between he and Cena is set up, it could make for another rare and major double-turn between two top talents.

Whether or not this would be the best road for WWE to take is not the primary discussion. Rather, it is that The Rock's return, while great for fans, could end up hurting the WWE in the long-term.

The WWE has built up Cena and made him its guy.

By bringing back one of "their guys" from the "Attitude Era", they may have destroyed years of building up Cena.

It's too early to see if the impact of The Rock's return really plays out to such a dramatic and significant level, so it's nothing to worry too much about now for the WWE.

In the short-term, the WWE has increased its ratings and definitely given a huge boost to WrestleMania viewership this year by bringing back The Rock. For fans, it couldn't be better either, as it's a treat to watch The Rock strut his stuff and reminded us how great his era of wrestling really was.