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Matt's Pats BlogAnalyst ISeptember 27, 2008

Ode De Troy

In the 1993 draft, in the 8th and final round
The New England Patriots selected Troy Fitzgerald Brown

He was a champion at all levels as he continued to grow,
Winning titles in high school, college and several as a pro.

Marshall was his college, "Mr. Everything" his name,
He caught a 99-yard TD pass in one of those games.

His versatility was, to opponents, nothing short of scary,
Marshall's national championship was clinched when he intercepted the game-ending hail mary.

Despite a great workout he was the 198th pick
Scouts were skeptical that he was too short, and needed to be more quick

But with him came change in the way the team would appear,
not only because of him, but they redesigned the uniforms that year.

The memories are endless, as were all of my cheers,
Here are a couple that have stuck out over the years:

Final drive of the '96 season, Bledsoe avoiding a game-ending sack,
threw a 4th down pass to Troy, who caught it while lying on his back.

In the magical '01 season, the Snow Game was wet and slick,
and Troy's punt return gave the field position to make possible The Kick.

An AFC Championship game had never seen one before,
but Troy returned a punt against the favored Steelers, and brought it back for the score.

In 2002 in Miami, he caught a nice pass from Tom,
actually, it was in overtime, a game-winning 82-yard bomb.

Carolina ties the Super Bowl with no much time left to play,
But Troy's 3 catches totaling 46 yards on the next drive set up yet another championship-winning play.

He came in to play nickel back during the 2004 championship season,
when star receiver Donald Driver was shut down, Troy was the reason.

He finished that season second on the team in interceptions,
and was the first player in history to play a game with a pick and a reception.

In 2006 he further proved that there was no position he couldn't hack,
during a preseason game, he even played quarterback.

That same year, his defensive experience came up big when it mattered,
forcing a game-saving fumble on Marlon McRee's interception, leaving San Diego's hopes shattered.

In his 15 seasons, some milestones were achieved,
557 career receptions, a number no one would have believed.

Elected to the Pro Bowl for the championship team he served,
and I can't think of an award that was any more deserved.

Broke the franchise record for catches that year with one hundred one,
Twelve-hundred yards not counting special teams in that magical 2001

He sits 4th in NFL history in the number of catches in one outing,
Sixteen against KC in a 2002 victory, leaving Foxboro fans shouting.

He is broke the franchise record for catches, during the regular season and the post,
but his small contributions were his real achievements, and you probably can't remember most.

But what you do think about when you think about number eight zero,
is that he was a smart player with average talent, who made himself a hero.

He had a chance to play for another team, and we all feared that he might,
but instead he decided to retire a Patriot because he wouldn't look good in green and white.

That type of loyalty is rare these days, and really separates boys from men,
So my promise to you, Troy, is that on Sunday I'll never wear another player's jersey again.

Thank you, Troy Brown.


(Home team in bold)

SUNDAY, 1:00

Panthers (-7.5) over Falcons

Cardinals (+2.5) over Jets

Bengals (-3.5) Browns

Broncos (-9.5) over Chiefs

Packers (+.5) over Bucs

Jaguars (-7.5) over Texans

Titans (-2.5) over Vikings

Saints (-6.5) over Niners


Bills (-8.5) over Rams

Chargers (-7.5) over Raiders

Cowboys (-11.5) over Redskins


Bears (+3.5) over Eagles


Steelers (-7.5) over Ravens


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