Rangers' Horrible Play Begs Question: Is Mats Sundin or Brendan Shanahan Answer?

Ranger NationCorrespondent ISeptember 27, 2008

Well, I will say it again. This preseason has been terrible for the New York Rangers.

The team is lacking true leadership on the ice, and it is showing in its play. Which brings me to the question of how long will it take for the Rangers to sign Mats Sundin or Brendan Shanahan.

Granted, I was against the Rangers signing Sundin, but, with the way they have been playing, I think Sundin would be a great asset to this Rangers team. Shanahan I would sign for his leadership, but how much can he actually do the ice?

Michal Rozsival and Wade Redden have been terrible in the defensive zone and on the puck-handling side of things. Nikolai Zherdev scored today, so I think his nerves are now settled. Naslund has been good, great puck handling and shooting.

Now, we have to get Tom Renney to stop juggling the lines, already. Move Chris Drury back to center and Zherdev back with Gomez and Naslund.

Here comes Europe!