IWC: Tell Me Who Are Your Least Favorite Wrestlers of All-Time

David Rutter@DavidRutter1990Correspondent IIIMarch 5, 2011

I've decided to continue "Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) Votes" after all the positive feedback and participation by everyone.

The previous installments focused on some of your favorite people and moments in wrestling history.

1) “Who Are Your Top 5 Favorite Wrestlers of All Time?”

Here are the results 

2)“Who Do You Think Are The Best Wrestlers of All-Time?”

Here are the results 

3) "The Best and Worst of The Undertaker"

Results will be available March 7th.

4) "Favorite Mania Moments."

Voting still going on


Part 5 will focus on your least favorite wrestlers of all time.

Everyone always has a particular reason as to why they don't like a wrestler.

Maybe it's their finisher.

Maybe it's the way they talk.

Maybe they are overrated.

It can be any number of reasons.


Who are your top 5 least favorite wrestlers of all time?

What are your reasons?

Feel free to elaborate! 


Let the debating...begin!