New Orleans Saints 2011 Mock Draft: 1 Writers Wish List

Mack BonnerCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2011

Ryan Kerrigan has a high motor and would greatly increase sack production in New Orleans.
Ryan Kerrigan has a high motor and would greatly increase sack production in New Orleans.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Last year I made a mock draft and only got one of the players I had hoped for (Jimmy Graham). This year, I think I'll call it my wish list as most of these players will probably not be playing for New Orleans this season.

I'll give two players in each round in the order I would have them on my draft board. Also, let me know who your favorite player is in the draft and of the ones I have listed. My personal favorite is Von Miller from Texas A&M and my favorite on this list is Kendall Hunter. Read and enjoy.

First Round

Ryan Kerrigan 6'4" 267 DE Purdue

If you want to talk about a player ranked all over the board, he is it. I've seen him go anywhere from a top 10 pick all the way down to 30th. However, the Saints need a pass-rush more than anything right now and Kerrigan would excel in that role.

Justin Houston 6'3" 270 DE/OLB Georgia

Since the addition of Shaun Rogers at the defensive tackle position, adding a pass-rush is now priority No. 1 for the Saints. Houston could play either standing up or with his hand in the dirt for New Orleans. He's already a proven sack machine and would bring an extra dynamic to the defense.

Second Round

Bruce Carter 6'2" 241 OLB North Carolina

Carter didn't help himself by not participating in the combine. I'm not sure if that was due to injury or what, but it could be a blessing for the Saints. Had he participated, he could have jumped into an early second-round consideration. The Saints would love it if he fell to them here.

Jarvis Jenkins 6'4" 310 DT Clemson

I'm actually torn with this selection. I think Martez Wilson will be an early second-round selection, and I also like Colin McCarthy of Miami. However, Jenkins is a beast of a defensive tackle and Shaun Rogers will probably be with the team two years at most. Rogers also has seen many injuries in his past. Jenkins would be an instant plug in the middle if something were to happen to Rogers and will take over his spot once he's gone.

Third Round (We have two picks.)

Kendall Hunter 5'7" 199 RB Oklahoma State

I think some people may be sleeping on Kendall Hunter and that's a good thing for New Orleans. Pierre Thomas just signed a four-year extension and Reggie Bush is due $11.8 million if he plays for the team this year. I think it's a wise decision to trade him for another pick and save some money at the same time. Kendall Hunter would make an excellent third string running back and would definitely push Ivory and Thomas for playing time.

Jordan Todman 5'9" 203 RB Connecticut

If Hunter is somehow snatched up before our pick here, it won't be that big of a deal. Todman ran for over 1,600 yards at UCONN last year and  ran a 4.44 40 at the combine. He's also a very physical runner for his size.

Austin Pettis 6'3" 209 WR Boise State

Although Drew Brees has been getting it done with undrafted and late round targets, you can bet he wouldn't mind having someone with height and good hands across from Marques Colston. It would allow us to use Lance Moore in the slot and move Robert Meachem all over the field. With so many weapons, it would ensure that our offense remains a constant threat.

Randall Cobb 5'10" 191 WR Kentucky

Cobb could be one of those guys that can do so many things. He can play anywhere on the field and would be a great screen receiver. This would allow us to get rid of the sometimes sketchy receiver, Devery Henderson.

(No Fourth Round Pick)

Fifth Round 

Rob Housler 6'5" 248 TE Florida Atlantic

This will come as a surprise to some people but so was Jimmy Graham last year. Graham is a great receiving TE to go along with the versatile David Thomas. However, Thomas isn't scaring anyone in the passing game. Sean Payton loves to throw the ball and that's no surprise.

Housler lined up across from Jimmy Graham would pose so many problems, it almost seems unfair. We've seen what can be accomplished with two great receiving threats at the tight end position in New England and it wouldn't be a bad idea to follow that scheme.

Jordan Cameron 6'5" 254 TE USC

Cameron is very similar to Housler and would pose the same problem to defenses. He's got the size and athleticism to be great at the next level.

Sixth Round

Mike Person 6'5" 299 OT Montana State

This pick is mainly to keep fans happy and to add depth. Make no mistake though, there is value to be had here. Person is a very under the radar player that would not only add depth but could work his way into a starting role within a year or two.

Da'rell Scott 5'11" 211 RB Maryland

I'm not sure what some people are smoking to have this guy rated as a six- or seventh-round prospect, but I'm not buying it. I think he'll be long gone before we pick here but in the odd occurrence that he's still on the board, he has to be grabbed here if just for future trade value.

Seventh Round

Dejon Gomes SS 6'0" 208 Nebraska

Gomes was a tackling machine at Nebraska coming just one shy of a 100 last year. He also has a nose for the ball and creating turnovers. In just two years he has amassed seven picks and five forced fumbles. He also ran an impressive 4.47 at the combine.

Not likely he would win a starting job over Harper or Jenkins but could be used in Nickel packages and against faster receivers. Would also add depth in case of injury.

Charlie Gantt  6'4" 252 TE Michigan State

If my beloved team decides to wait until the seventh round to search for a tight end, they should definitely look at Charlie Gantt. He won't impress you with his speed (4.89) but he's a great blocker with good hands and a very fluent route runner. He also has great size that would make him a great goal-line threat.


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