WWE WrestleMania XXVII: A Better Card Than Reality

James PinchesContributor IMarch 6, 2011

I was thinking the other day about how much I normally look forward to WrestleMania. I book the next day off work, stay up till 4 a.m. (GMT) and stock up on junk food to enjoy the "The Showcase of The Immortals."

This year, however, the card seems packed full of "Mortals", with weak matches seemingly lined up, my enthusiasm for "The Grandest Stage of Them All" is waning.

So I thought I would see if I could resurrect the card, give the fans some value for money and see if I can turn what is a poor build up into an awesome event.

Open with The Rock introducing the event and doing a great promo about how he's going to see John Cena, later in the evening, and take care of business.

So my first match would be for the Divas Championship. I know no one likes the Divas match but there is no way Eve should be champion. I'd have it scheduled as Eve versus a mystery newcomer.

Now all the fans would know it was Awesome Kong, she would come down to what I imagine would be a big reception. Awesome Kong would then squash Eve in about a minute and win the championship.

She would then be attacked by Beth Phoenix setting up a future feud. This would be a good start as it can only get better after this.

I will follow this up with the Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole with Jack Swagger match. The special referee will be revealed to be Lawler's son and the return of Grand Master Sexay!

Huge pop from the crowd as it's announced and a big grin on Jerry Lawler's face until he realizes his own son has turned against him.

Lawler loses after interference from Swagger and announces his retirement from WWE.

Now for the real wrestling to start.

And what better way to have the Money In The Bank ladder match, I would have 8 participants, being  Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, Drew McIntyre, Daniel Bryan, Sin Cara, the return of Dolph Ziggler (minus Vicki Guerrero who he announces on his way to the ring he has dumped as she was holding him back), Wade Barrett and Alex Riley.

The winner I am still unsure, but would have one of the good guys getting the briefcase most likely John Morrison or Kofi Kingston.

Surely with Sin Cara debuting and John Morrison and Kofi Kingston, the match would really be a spectacle and give the guys a chance to get some PPV action and really build their characters.

Following the Money in the Bank match, we have our first championship match, Edge vs Alberto Del Rio. This match at the moment looks boring. So to make it interesting, we make it a submission match. Edges new submission move vs. Del Rio's arm bar.

Of course this is going to spill outside the ring with interference from Ricardo. We have a bump where the ref gets knocked out (standard WWE) and Christian comes down and appears to want to help Edge before nailing him with the Kill-switch setting up a feud we all want to see.

Del Rio wins the championship as it is his destiny, after all.

Then we have Rey Mysterio's annual match, this time against Cody Rhodes, in a hair vs. mask match. Mask wins as it would be too demeaning to reveal Rey's face.

Cody goes more insane after losing his hair setting up what could be an iconic character not too dissimilar from Mankind or Kane.

We follow that excellent but fairly short match with Randy Orton, One on One with CM Punk. Now I dislike the Nexus. I think they are a poor stable with only Mason Ryan bringing anything to it.

So personally I would like to see Randy Orton lose after interference from the Nexus and forcing them to disband. We could then have a CM Punk, Randy Orton feud with none of the Nexus Nonsense.

It may also force them to get rid of Otunga who, I believe, is useless. This could be a good match at a good tempo; both are adept wrestlers, so it would not be a let down.

Then we have the Cena vs. The Miz match. A straight up singles, falls count anywhere match. Now I have Cena winning, dirty after interference from the Money in the Bank winner, therefore turning heel and The Miz with a face turn.

The New Champion Cena celebrates wildly in the ring shouting his mouth off calling out The Rock. To great applause The Rock comes out in wrestling gear.

He and Cena start fighting with the Rock hitting his spine-buster followed by The People's Elbow, followed by The Rock Bottom setting up the next few months of feuding between The Rock and Cena's new character. Maybe even going all the way to WrestleMania XXVIII.

Then we have the final Match. A Hell in a Cell match between "The Last Outlaw" and "The Cerebral Assassin". This has the opportunity to be a classic and although there has been plenty of injuries between the two there should be some big spots and big hits! Maybe even an appearance of Triple H's sledgehammer.

The winner in my opinion has to be The Undertaker for the sake of the streak and the prestige of it. Unfortunately I don't think Triple H is the man to break it, but you never know.

I hope you all like my ideas let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions on what could or should happen!