The NBA's Most Overrated Player of All Time Is...

yungCaucasoid ...Correspondent ISeptember 28, 2008

Two choices:

Bill Walton

Well, where do we start with the Big Redhead "who never was"?   At least outside of the 1977-78 season, anyway. 

Walton was heralded as the Best Big Man in college, but that designation just never materialized for Bill on the NBA hardwood. 

Minus his '76-77 season, Bill's career was just that of an ordinary player.  Even his '77-'78 season, when he won MVP, unfortunately saw him miss almost one-third of the season.  How that garnered an MVP Award is beyond the realm of reality.


Steve Nash

Well, well, well.  Here we have the first player to ever be rewarded with MVP Award while being incapable of defending his position on the NBA-level.  Just check any other NBA premier PG's output versus Nash, and your blurry vision will clear up. 

Then, add in him leading the league in turnovers, and you have yet another player who benefited galactically from the whitewashing of the NBA—a movement which was sparked by the Piston-Pacer Brawl, after which the NBA decided to scrap its inner-city image for one which catered more to suburbia.


And the winner is...Steve Nash!  I think we all know why.