2011 NFL Draft: Jake Locker's Possible Landing Spots

Colin McGrawContributor IIMarch 7, 2011

Jake Locker (Washington) is one of the most intriguing QB prospects in this year's NFL Draft. The two quarterbacks that are getting the most hype are Blaine Gabbert and Cam Newton. I believe both of them are good, but that Locker could be a steal for the team that pulls the trigger on him. Last year he was expected to go No. 1 in the draft, but his decision to remain in school has cost his draft stock to fall. In this article I will explain which teams could be his possible suitors.

No. 12 Minnesota Vikings: With Brett Favre most likely heading into retirement, the Vikings face a big question mark in the quarterback position. Joe Webb stepped in and showed some positive signs, but his ability to start in this league is still at question. I believe Jake could bring excitement back into this team. This team seems to have almost all the tools to become the best team in the NFL, but without a quarterback that seems to be an issue. Jake Locker could pose as an intriguing prospect at No. 12 if Cam and Blaine are off the board.

No. 15 Miami Dolphins: My favorite team, yes, so of course I would love to see Jake Locker in a Dolphins uniform, but other needs could pose as higher priority. In my opinion, QB in the position Miami has to solve this offseason. Chad Henne just doesn't seem to have the tools in my mind and the Dolphins organization can't afford to keep losing because of their desperate fan base. Sure, the Dolphins could go with a conservative choice and take one of the most promising prospects in the league, RB Mark Ingram, but if the Dolphins don't have a good quarterback running the show the rookie RB could take a beating his first year if the Dolphins remain a run-first team. I think Jake Locker would be a wise selection.

No. 25 Seattle Seahawks: Fans have been shouting for this one. Hasselbeck's career remains in question and I don't believe their backup QB, Charlie Whitehurst has the tools to get the job done.Why not keep Jake Locker in Washington and bring in a true leader to the team that could take their recent success (getting to round 2 in the playoffs) to a new level. This move seems to be popular if Locker falls this far.

No. 22 Indianapolis Colts: Let me explain- The Colts have a great quarterback leading the show right now. Peyton Manning is considered one of the best quarterbacks of all time, but he can't lead the show forever. Yes, the Colts have other pressing issues, but as far as I am concerned with their organization and Peyton Manning, I believe they will always have a Superbowl chance. So I think choosing Jake Locker at this spot could be a great promising future. Jake Locker could sit behind one of the best quarterbacks ever, learning as much as he can, and could one day be the face of the franchise. This pick might not be popular among the fans, but in due time it could really pay off for the franchise.

Jake Locker has the leadership skills, competitiveness, strength, mobility, and arm, to become one the best up and coming quarterbacks in the league. Which team will grab this kid?