Philadelphia Eagles Aces: DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy Among Elite in NFL

Dan PennwynCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2011

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With the 2011 NFL Draft rapidly approaching and a lack of any real news created by this pending lockout situation, I've decided to pay respect to a couple of young players on the roster:

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson and running back LeSean McCoy.

I've heard most experts agree that Jackson could arguably be the most explosive and dangerous weapon currently in the NFL, and have read that McCoy is among the elite numerous times on ESPN and other larger network sites.

Jackson (@DeseanJackson10 on Twitter) is entering the fourth and final year of his contract after being overlooked in the 2008 draft for players who have been far less productive than him in the NFL.

His 22.5 yards per catch (YPC) in 2010 is only the tip of Jackson’s iceberg in his young career.

Since being drafted in 2008, Jackson leads the NFL in YPC with an average of 18.5 yards and also leads the league in punt return yards sitting at 1,112.

By now, everyone who watches football is familiar with Jackson; he is definitely a household name.

Maybe you know him as the only player in league history to be voted to a Pro Bowl and start at two different positions (2009: WR/PR) or his ability to find space where there is virtually none in front of him, you know his name.

Although most of his 2010 highlight reel generally consists of game-changing plays, his two most impressive games came against the two biggest division rivals—the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants.

After being held to just 79 total yards in each of the three times the Eagles faced the Cowboys, Jackson silenced all critics by jamming 210 yards down the Cowboys' throat on Monday Night Football (12/12/10). He then returned the following week to break a fourth-quarter tie on a punt return.

If I had to choose one play to watch over and over again for the rest of my life, it would have to be that one, and I would jump out of my seat every time!

When it comes to putting a ceiling on Jackson's abilities, it just can't be done. The sky is the limit, and even then I believe he'd break through the atmosphere and conquer the final frontier.

He has been nothing but impressive since the day he stepped on to the field at training camp at Lehigh Valley.

Last, but definitely not least, is his current contract. Honestly, I don't see how the Eagles let this kid walk. He's proven his worth numerous time, he's won games with no chance for the other team to come back and he's been respectfully quiet when questioned about his contract status.

I know his concussions paint an alarming picture, but that could also have a lot to do with the pattern he's running. I don't think he should be running routes in the middle of the field, even though that is where he's most dangerous.

When you're labeled as "the most explosive weapon in the league," and you don't bring negative attention to the team, then you should get paid, and that's all there is to it!

McCoy's early success can be linked to a few separate things: his outright ability to break tackles, speed and the eventual decline of veteran Brian Westbrook, who was cut by the front office prior to the start of the 2010 season.

In a very short period of time he has adapted to the Eagles' offense, which gave the front office the confidence they needed to release Westbrook.

McCoy is a very similar player to B-West. He is very fast and shifty and as his Twitter name correctly displays (CutonDime25), he will cut on a dime and break your ankles in the process. That, and his jersey number is 25, so it all makes perfect sense!

McCoy only needed two years of playing college football before scouts started really considering this shifty back as a draft prospect in 2009, and in the same amount of time he holds the Eagles' record for rushing yards (1,717) and scrimmage yards (2,617).

He has displayed that he is a threat in the run game with 5.2 yards per carry in 2010, but he is also lethal out of the backfield as a receiving option for quarterback Michael Vick, registering a 7.7 YPC average (7.589 to be exact).

McCoy is entering his third year as a pro, which is when many believe a player makes the biggest leap. He seems fully capable of a complete breakout season in 2011 and could be voted to his first Pro Bowl.

Kudos to both men on any prior, but most importantly, continued success with the Philadelphia Eagles.

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