Old Joe vs New Lou A Battle Of Heavyweights

kevin lewisContributor ISeptember 28, 2008

We all hopefully will get to see what should be a great series between the Cubs and the Dodgers. The Cubs after this last week should be ready to get back to the business at hand for them this year. GOING ALL THE WAY! Winning there first world series in 100 years.

If anyone is standing in there way at this point it will be the Dodgers with Casey Blake and the MANRAM him self Manny Ramirez. Those two have brought new hope to the Dodgers. Once they get to Wrigley they will realise they will need more than that to beat the Cubs. This is a year of destiny. 100 years. It is time. We have the depth with solid  pitching, fielding and great bats. Lou you have done a fantastic job. The Cubs management you all should be commended on a job well done . But ,not over. The games must still be played. All of the player will still need to bring their "A GAME". From this point on everyone wants to be the one to wreck it for us. Don't let it happen. This team has been a team that is just plan fun to watch all season. Maybe minus a few games we lost.

Lou's  2008 Cubs have shown all year what TEAM really means. Together Everyone Achieves More. The way they have backed each other up all year off the bench. It has been the best I have ever seen them play. You owe it to yourselves and to all of your loyal fans to finish this season the way you started it. Playing 100% on every pitch,one play at a time. One Game At A Time!

Go Cubs Go! Go Have Some More Fun And Gett'ER Done!