Prayers Go Out to Anquan Boldin After Head-on-Head Collision Scare

Thomas H.Correspondent ISeptember 29, 2008

With only a few remaining seconds, Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner threw a pass from around the 30-yard line and into the end zone. Anquan Boldin went up for the pass, and—BAM!—he almost got it, but instead took a head-to-head hit.

Eric Smith got his helmet right up. Boldin went straight down. Smith got up. Boldin laid there.

The benches emptied. The players of both teams came together, knelt in a circle of prayer. Anquan Boldin was brought off the field on a cart. The crowd full of Jets fans cheered as he went into an ambulance. The Arizona players were emotional. Jets wide receiver Laveranues Coles had played with Boldin at Florida State, and he was emotional.

The game should have just ended with 27 seconds left. Instead, the Arizona Cardinals decided to play on. There was no need and there was no point, down by a 56-35 score.

Warner went for a few more plays, and on the last try for a touchdown he was picked off. This made me feel better, because in my heart I was angry they had the nerve to keep on playing when their fellow Cardinal fell.

Anquan Boldin turned out to be OK. He was talking, and he didn't go to the hospital with total urgency. He will spend some time at the hospital, but will hopefully be fine overall. He should be back this season, but that is not known yet. Cardinals owner Bill Bidwell and his son, team president Michael Bidwell, will stay with him in New York until they can both come back.

This only helps the thought of why rules are rules. We saw a similar thing with Bills player Kevin Everett last year. Hits to the neck and head or hits with the head are both extremely dangerous. There are rules against them, but they are hard to enforce.

The shot to Boldin was not likely on purpose, but how do they avoid this? If you have a clue, please tell me.

Good luck, Boldin, we hope for a full and speedy recovery. God bless.