World Series or Bust, Who Will Win it All?

Eric MindhamContributor ISeptember 29, 2008

Who will win the World Series?  These are my predictions. 


We'll start in the NL.  No matter who your rooting for we can all pretty much agree on one thing, the Cubs are the most talented team in the NL.  They are strong at about every position.  They will take it to the Dodgers and sweep them.  Dodgers are an average team with a great manager in Jim Torre.  They don't have a prayer.


The Brewers and Phillies are going to be a great series to follow.  They are dead even talent wise but the Brewers have great momentum going into the Playoffs for the first time since '82.  The Phillies have the home field advantage though.  I predict that the Brewers win it in 5 games.  I think that someone like JJ Hardy or Corey Hart are going to be a big reason. 


For the NLCS I predicted that the division rivals Cubs and Brewers will go head to head.  Home field advantage won't be an issue at South Miller Park.  I think that the Cubs will fall apart under the pressure.  The Brewers have enough veterans and young star power to grind out the series.  The Brewers will win it in 6 games.


On the AL.  First of all, Congrats to the Rays for their first winning season in their first 10 years.  As of right now it's not official who's in between the White Sox and the Twins but I predict the White Sox will make it even though they would have o win tomorrow and then beat the Twins in a grudge match.  If the White Sox make it in they will end the Rays dream season.  If the Twins make it then the Rays will advance.


Next, the Angels and Red Sox.  First of all, the Angels, even with the best record in the majors, are not the best team in baseball.  They have the weakest division in the AL and possibly the entire MLB.  The Sox will win it in four games. 


In the ALCS the Red Sox will win no matter who they play.  Pretty safe bet but it'll happen. 


Now for the World Series between the Brewers and Red Sox.  Red Sox will win again and in only 5 games. The Brewers will be worn out from playing to many games in the postseason that the talented Red Sox will prevail. 


Tell me what you think about my picks and give a grade for my first article.