2011 NFL Mock Draft: 15 Things You Should Know

David AllerhandContributor IMarch 11, 2011

So many questions to answer this years draft, which defensive player stands out the most, which QB will be chosen first and is Ingram the only good HB in this years draft?
So many questions to answer this years draft, which defensive player stands out the most, which QB will be chosen first and is Ingram the only good HB in this years draft?Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

 1. The fact of the matter is, Blaine Gabbert is not the Missouri quarterback that is a Super Bowl 44 Championthat's Chase Daniel.  However, Gabbert is the QB from Missouri that will succeed in the NFL, even without one of those fancy rings.

 2. Georgia receiver A.J. Green will not drop in the draft like former Oklahoma State Cowboy Dez Bryant and former Red Raider Michael Crabtree did for the past two years.

 3. The Carolina Panthers should give Jimmy Clausen another chance to be the starter and not take a QB like a Gabbert or Tebow 2.0, National Champion and Heisman winner Newton.

 4. Jake Locker will remain in the state of Washington, as the Seahawks will take him with their 25th pick.

 5. Alabama running back Mark Ingram will be the most explosive non-receiver in this year's draft class.

 6. This year's Drew Brees and Colt McCoy will be former Razorback Ryan Mallet, but his height will have a huge affect on his draft stock.

 7. The debate over which defensive player is best in this year's draftis it Auburn’s Nick Fairley, or maybe Clemson’s defensive end Da’Quan Bowers?  Maybe even the young man from the college that has produced many underrated and great NFL prospects, the outside linebacker Robert Quinn from the Tar Heels?

 8. Wideout Julio Jones will be picked somewhere in the top 15 of this year's draft and will have a huge impact on wherever he lands.

 9. 2011’s draft class has a great deal of players that play in the secondary, but none stand out as much as the cornerback Prince Amukamara does.

 10. Similar to last year’s edition, I will say it again, but this time, it pertains to the Green Bay Packers. If they want to repeat, their Super Bowl MVP needs better protection.  It’s getting a little out of hand watching Rodgers on the ground constantly.

11.  Leonard Hankerson is no second coming of Michael Irvin, but both came from the same college, he’s one inch taller than the Hall of Famer at 6'3" and can have a similar impact in the game for years to come.  However, he won’t have a placard in Ohio any time soon.

12.  Don’t be surprised if the Bills make an infamous Al Davis move and impulsively draft someone not worth the stock of a number three pick. 

13.  That hit Greg McElroy faced against the Auburn Tigers on November 36th will only be a preview of the type of hits he will get one he enters the NFL.

14.  At pick No. 30, the Jets will have the New Yorkers cheering or jeering when they pick a new defensive player that could be a repeat of the 2008 pick, when they chose Vernon Gholston.  On the other hand, Rex Ryan’s squad can possibly steal a good late rounder, similar to the Clay Mathews situation in the 2009 Draft, when he was chosen 27th overall.

15.  The NFL will regret starting the draft on a Thursday, as they will lose viewers, and let's hope these future rookies actually have a season to look forward to.  Check that, a sixteen game regular season to look ahead at.